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Nagoya Commodity Exchange (Ngcx) Introduces New Trading Membership Levels


Aichi, Japan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Nagoya Commodity Exchange has recently introduced a new category of Membership, namely, Trading Member Expert (T. M. E.). With the inclusion of TM, NGCX now offers 4 types of membership.

The T. M. E. provides many benefits to new entrants. A sole proprietor, a partnership firm, a joint undivided family, a cooperative society, public sector organization, statutory organization or any other government or non-government entity can apply for T. M. E.

Referring to this development, Mr. Genichi Nakatoni, Chairman and CEO of Nagoya Commodity Exchange said: “Nagoya Commodity Exchange has introduced trading membership to enable primarily physical market users and professional first generation members to access Nagoya Commodity Exchange (ngcx )in a more secured manner and without the worry of managing clearing services. The introduction of T. M. E.  will attract greater participation of members from smaller cities.“

The member will have rights to trade on his own account as well as on account of his clients but will have no right to clear and settle such trades himself. All trading members will clear their trades through Institutional Trading and Clearing Members or Professional Clearing Members (PCM) having clearing rights of the exchange. PCMs and ITCMs will suitably collect deposits from Trading Members for the exposure required.

About Nagoya Commodity Exchange(ngcx)
Nagoya Commodity Exchange (ngcx) is a state-of-the-art, fully electronic commodities market offering a full range of listing and trading opportunities for international and domestic commodities, debt, depository receipts, insurance securitization and derivative warrants. Nagoya Commodity Exchange facilitates commodities trading and clearing and settlement of commodity futures transactions, thereby providing a platform for risk management. NGCX  the last several years is due in large part to the company's innovative and flexible approach. In addition to taking a leading role in what has become a world trend towards profitability and demutualization, the Exchange has sought to create unique products and services for its markets.

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