Naguib Sawiris Transfers $28 Million USD to Tamarod Organizers


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Sawiris' who was interviewed by the New York Times and Bloomberg, confirmed 'Adalla Misr' earlier report from late last week, revealing that Sawiris himself was the real driving force behind the allegedly popular movement 'Tamarod'.

Naguib Sawiris transferred over 28 million US dollars to fund the 'Tamarod' movement in an attempt to avoid paying over a billion dollars in back taxes. In an interview with Bloomberg and the New York Times, Sawiris admits his intentions while explaining that it was for the good of the people. "Orascom is the largest private sector company in Egypt with over 240,000 employees. It's business and innovation that will lead Egypt" says Sawiris. According to Naguib The 'Tamarod' members dispersed his funds throughout Egypt to ensure a large active turnout. Within days, The efforts of Sawiris and the Tamarod movement lead to the overthrowing of the Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohamed Morsi.

If anyone mistakenly believed that Sawiris' actions were the product of true beliefs and ideology, he was quickly sobered up once he read Sawiris' Bloomberg interview, in which he admits that his main objective was to avoid paying his billion dollars debt for unpaid taxes. Instead of contributing to the recovery of the unstable Egyptian economy by actually paying his debts, Sawiris chose to set the country on fire for his own personal and selfish gain.

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