Nail Fungus Treatment by Forces of Nature

Let’s face it, nail fungus is not only unsightly, but can also be very difficult to treat. With the advent of Nail Fungus Control, a cure for this malady is now available.


Sonoma, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Nail Fungus Control is comprised of very powerful antifungal ingredients which often provide total clearance of nail fungus within weeks, depending severity of the condition. It is composes of strictly certified organic medicinal plant extracts and homeopathic medicines which have a profound effect to safely kill fungus in and under the nail.

This is a patent pending formula developed by Dr. Mair Mackinnon, ND, and Scientist Dr. Pete Klapper, PhD Microbiology. This formula has been used in Dr. Mackinnon’s practice for over 10 years, time after time, safely and effectively eliminating nail fungus.

Dr. Mackinnon and Klapper are so confident as to the effectiveness of Nail Fungus Control to eliminate nail fungus that it comes with an unprecedented one year money back guarantee. If it does not deliver results it can be returned for a full refund of your purchase. This is the only product of its kind offering such guarantee. It is so effective that the most scrupulous retail outlet in the US, Whole Foods, now features this remedy in its stores across the country. It truly is that good.

The product is to be applied 2-3 times per day to the infection. The lipophilic characteristics and low molecular weight of the ingredients allow it pass easily into nail beds. The antifungal properties deliver a powerful antimicrobial effect to safely and effectively eradicate nail fungus.

This nail fungus treatment has received the coveted USDA certified organic certification. It is the only nail fungus treatment on the market to receive such certification. This is your proof positive that it contains only the purest ingredients which have not been sprayed which chemicals or toxins. This is important as application of nail fungus treatments to the skin will absorb into the bloodstream.

About Forces Of Nature
Dr. Klapper has literally travelled the world to secure the certified organic ingredients for this treatment. He has relationships with very small and elite growers of medicinal plants across the globe. The material is dropped shipped to our office from all over the planet. As a result, we have ingredients which are highly unique and only available at Forces of Nature.

Name: Peter Klapper
Company name: Forces Of Nature
About us: Forces of Nature is the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Certified Organic Natural Medicines
Company location: Sonoma, CA