Nailed & Lashed

Nailed & Lashed: Offering Standard and Unique Nail and Lash Extensions Services in Las Vegas

Nailed & Lashed, a customer-centered lash extensions and nail salon in Las Vegas, offers a variety of unique services such as in & out manicures, custom nail art, gel manicures, and more.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2021 -- As an eyelash extension & nail salon in Las Vegas, Nailed & Lashed specializes in manicure, pedicure, nail extensions, waxing, and many more. The full-service salon offers to its customers eight specialty pedicures and quality products. Some of their premium products include bath bombs, body lotions, and body scrubs. These are Eden body lotion, Fresh body lotion, Tonic body lotion, Karma body lotion, Buff body scrub, Velvet body scrub, Glow body scrub, Champagne body scrub, and more.

Answering a query, Nailed & Lashed's spokesperson commented, "At Nailed & Lashed, we have artists who are professionals and experts at what they do. Our services are unique, highly professional, and beyond the regular style or convention in the salon industry. We are always focused on providing our customers with the best services, which is why we recruit and train members of our team. Through our quality products and standards, you can be rest assured to receive from us top-notch services in Las Vegas!"

Situated in Great American Plaza, Nailed & Lashed offers premium services that are strictly based on the requirements of their customers. They are open and available at their location virtually every day of the week at different times. From Mondays to Saturdays, they are open from 9 am to 9 pm. Customers can also visit the salon on Sundays between 10 am to 7 pm. Furthermore, Nailed & Lashed has about 4.1/5.0 star ratings from 697 consumer reviews on Google. Thus, people searching for a reputable Las Vegas nail salon can consider reaching out to Nailed & Lashed.

The spokesperson further added, "If what you seek are long and lovely lashes, you require the services of the best nail salon in Las Vegas. At Nailed & Lashed, we can help you with this, as the lash extension services we offer are classic, captivating, and will of course, be in line with your specifications. We believe every person deserves classic eyelash extensions services with the best customer experience, and at Nailed & Lashed, we are fully dedicated to this course".

Nailed & Lashed offers several pedicure services such as in & out pedicures, specialty pedicures, mani-pedi combo, gel pedicure, and gel mani-pedi combo. Their nail services include nail extensions, custom nail art, in & out manicures, dip powder, as well as gel manicures. However, their facials or hair services are currently unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those looking for the best nail salon in Las Vegas can contact Nailed & Lashed through their website.

About Nailed & Lashed
Founded in 2014, Nailed & Lashed provides wide-ranging nails and lashes services. They deal in eyelash extensions, lash fills, lash bath, lash removal, and more. At Nailed & Lashed, they offer affordable lash extensions services to customers such as classic lashes at $129, mix of classic & volume lashes at $179, volume lashes at $229, as well as extreme volume lashes at $249. For quality lash extensions, Las Vegas customers interested can visit Nailed & Lashed.

Contact Information:

Nailed & Lashed.

8320 W Sahara Ave #110,
Las Vegas, NV 89117.
Phone: (702) 242 3400