Najeeb Khuda Looks to Raise $5,000 via Kickstarter to Fund His Upcoming Movie 'Home'

A man, stuck in a dead-end life, is suddenly transported to an alternate reality where he has everything he wants, or so it seems.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Mike Raymond is a normal "20 something" man who is stuck in a life he doesn't want, waiting for something better. He's making little progress at work, has little money to show for the work he does do, and can barely get out more than a few sentences with the girl of his dreams.

Having worked for both 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures, Najeeb comes from years of experience developing numerous studio pictures such as Prometheus, Life of Pi, The Counselor and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. With this short film, Najeeb is taking his experiences to the independent film making world for the first time. His experience in the industry will help propel this film forward to create a truly creative and visceral experience for audiences to enjoy.

As with all productions, making a film is very expensive. All of the funds that the team collects here will go to making this film the very best movie that it can possibly be. As per estimate, the cost of the film will be around $15,000. They have been able to raise about $10,000 on their own so far. Therefore, the extra $5,000 would bring them to where they need to be in order to get this film done. The more that they can raise, however, the better the film will turn out.

This project will only be funded if at least$5,000 is pledged by Fri, Mar 14 2014 10:08 PM +05:30.

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