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Naked Rebel Winery, Pink Panda Cellars and to Promote an eBook

For those who love sparkling rosé and great wine, Naked Rebel Winery, Pink Panda Cellars and, have recently sponsored a book launch event for eBook titled “Becoming an Entrepreneur.” The complete info about this info-graphic book is available at


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- For those who want to lift up their spirits and celebrate life, there is nothing better than indulging in champagne. Whether a person is looking for a break from long hours of working or wants to party with friends, a bottle of sparkling rosé made exactly the way a pink champagne should be is the best way to refresh. Get the original and best variety of rose hued wine only at Naked Rebel Winery, Pink Panda Cellars. Enjoy the raspberries, strawberries and fruity flavor of this pink champagne that pairs well with desserts, weddings and parties.

Apart from selling the best of California Champagne, Naked Rebel Winery, Pink Panda Cellars and are helping many people turn into entrepreneurs. Last week Naked Rebel Winery, Pink Panda Cellars and sponsored an eBook launch event organized by Funders and Founders team. This info-graphic book is titled "Becoming an Entrepreneur” and is written by Anna Vital. This eBook is available as a visual guide and takes everyone on an entrepreneurial journey in an interactive manner. For those busy professionals, who have been toying with the idea of starting up their own venture, this info-graphic book provides huge inspiration. The book shows how a person can transform idea into product and get the required funding. The information in this eBook is available in simple format with 50 info-graphics and contains 200 pages and use of visual graphics makes it simple and easy to understand the information. Becoming an Entrepreneur is the step-by-step guide to launch a simple product in the market by creating its value and communicating with customers through successful marketing campaigns such as viral marketing. The book suggests the ways to package and repackage value in a product and pitching the idea to the people and helping startups scale up their business.

About is the funding platform which helps creative projects in getting investors. The eBook project is funded by over 1000 founders and investors, all over the world, who are helping the author to publish the eBook on various platforms like Amazon Kindle. Naked Rebel Winery, Pink Panda Cellars and WineMaps, Inc. are also one of many investors. The funding project of eBook was launched on January 08, 2013 and the funding is going to end on February 22, 2012. For those who really liked the concept and are interested in buying the book, they can get the book at $1 by funding the book. For those who are connoisseurs of fine wine, buy sparkling rose champagne from the Naked Rebel Winery, Pink Panda Cellars and visit and help fund the completion of Anna Vital’s“Becoming an Entrepreneur.”

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