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Namaste Yoga Gear Unveils a Vast Collection of Products


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2015 -- Namaste Yoga Gear has announced its exciting collection of Yoga Mats, straps and other gear that is high on quality and low on costs.

Yoga has caught the imagination of millions of users all over the world. This ancient meditation technique is being used by people of all ages for their various goals. Some get the meditative benefits out of it while for others it is the best stress-buster out there. It is also a brilliant fitness activity that can help people work on different parts of their bodies and reach towards their individual goals.

There is a growing emphasis on being healthy today and many users want to attain high levels of fitness without intense workouts. They can manage that with Yoga, which they can do on their own at home or in classes with the help of instructors. But the key lies in having the right gear and equipment, which makes their task easier. That's where the collection from Namaste Yoga Gear has its advantages.

To begin with, the dedicated online store has all types of equipment and gear from pants and mats to blocks and straps, props and other accessories in one place. All one has to do is go through different categories of products at Namaste Yoga Gear and find exactly what they are looking for. The store has high quality products that are also stylish and sleek, which is something today's users want.

Some of the options for users at Namaste Yoga Gear include:

Fashion Capri Yoga Pants Case, which is a pack of 72, is available at the store for $1230.52.

Exercise Ball with pump can be bought at the store for $22.49.

ActionLine KY-66020 Power Gyro Wrist Exerciser Ball is for $34.99.

Yoga Fitness Set, which is a pack of 1 kit, can be bought for $58.44.

ActionLine Yoga Block high intensity brick is available for $22.99.

Users can buy several such products at Namaste Yoga Gear for competitive prices. The store also has discount offers for them on a regular basis. Thus they can buy the products of their choice conveniently while making good savings too.

About Namaste Yoga Gear
It is a dedicated online store where users can get all types of Yoga gear, equipment and props at competitive rates.

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