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Name Removal Service Launches, Protects Client Privacy While Delivering Reputation Management


Tulsa, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2014 -- Newly launched is delivering robust powerful privacy and reputation management services to businesses and individuals. The new service provides search engine data removal services, link suppression, and more. The result of these services could include a more positive or honest view of a company or a reduction in spam for individuals.

People who wish to remove their data from the Internet on their own often experience a struggle because of the amount of aggregate data sites that exist today. When people are able to reach specific sites, they often can’t get their information removed because the website either ignores their request or takes too long. One new online company is offering an affordable, hardworking service to remove personal information and negative information from the Internet for its clients.

Name Removal works year-round with the most comprehensive plans of action to ensure the online reputation and information privacy goals of clients. The service protects the client’s identity by carefully removing their name and personal information from people search sites, data broker databases, and search engines. Removing this sensitive information has also been shown to help prevent identity theft while reducing spam, removing public profiles and addresses, and more. People who are looking for a “remove my name” service can use the affordable Name Removal service to do just that. On the other hand, businesses can use the service to clear their name from rip-off reports and more.

Affordable yet robust, the new services are priced at $49.95 for one person and $89.95 for two people. This one-time cost has no recurring fees but includes one year of having the Name Removal team work to remove information from the Internet. There are no hidden fees, and clients receive an annual renewal notice with no obligation to keep the service. The company’s team of experts work diligently throughout the year to ensure that sensitive information is kept out of search engines, people search sites, data sites, and more.

While the results can’t quite be 100% guaranteed because Name Removal doesn’t manually remove the customer’s personal information, they also offer paid content services bids to bury negative links in search engine results pages. Name Removal works to make sure private information, negative reviews, and other undesirable public information are not visible in the search results pages.

Name Removal is currently ready for clients and accepting new orders.

About Name Removal
Name Removal utilizes the most current technology and strategies to safely remove information from the Internet. Name Removal helps people and businesses remove their data from websites such as Whitepages,, and search engines.

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