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Namedinger Business Name Generating Software Introduces More Powerful Namedinger PRO


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2012 -- The developers of the unique business name generator software known as Namedinger are pleased to announce the release of the new and more robust Namedinger PRO software. Namedinger PRO adds increased functionality to the company’s comprehensive branding software program that utilizes advanced algorithms and user parameters to compare thousands of potential names against an array of proven branding criteria.

As the cornerstone of all marketing efforts, the right business name choice is the foundation for success. To date, Namedinger company name generator software has expertly fulfilled the needs of thousands of businesses around the globe who need a compelling and original business name at an affordable cost.

“Most people do not possess the capital or necessary branding expertise to create a memorable and successful company name, which was why we introduced the powerful yet affordable Namedinger software,” said a Namedinger spokesperson. “The new Namedinger PRO software provides significantly more functionality and power to the original software program for even more precise brand name generation.”

Software users complete a simple survey describing key words about their business and personalized business name preferences, which can all be changed or modified. Software algorithms then utilize 10 proven branding principles to choose from more than 1,000 popular words to generate compelling and original business names. Namedinger automatically disqualifies names that are already in use. The program even lets the user hear how each brand name sounds when spoken aloud.

In addition to the same brand name generating functionality as Namedinger, Namedinger PRO allows the user to add, edit and delete words from the provided word lists for more precise and granular control. The new software can also add foreign words and adjust the word length parameters. “Users can also enter existing favorite brand names, adjust them, and see how they compare to the software’s branding criteria versus the Namedinger-created best brand names,” said the spokesperson.

Namedinger and Namedinger PRO come with a comprehensive eBook of key business branding practices utilized by the software and a detailed video presentation that describes the process of maximizing business branding value. For a limited time, Namedinger and Namedinger PRO are available at a significantly reduced price. Both software solutions come with a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. For more information, please visit http://namedinger.com

About Namedinger
Namedinger software allows business owners to generate compelling, original and affordable business brand names. The proprietary software harnesses user parameters, unique algorithms and 10 points of branding criteria to generate business names from more than 1,000 popular keywords. Namedinger PRO provides the same functionality plus the ability to add, edit and delete words from the word list, add foreign words and compare results with popular existing brand names.