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Nancy Behrman of Behrman Communications Featured in New Bulldog Reporter Interview

Nancy Behrman is the latest subject of an interview with the Bulldog Reporter, a public relations publication known for reporting the latest news and developments relating to the industry at large. In the interview, Behrman, the founder of Behrman Communications, discusses the many innovative PR strategies she has used over her 30-year career and showcases the remarkable candor for which she is widely known.


Carrolton, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2016 -- Nancy Behrman, the founder of Behrman Communications, is the featured subject of a new interview with the Bulldog Reporter, a publication specializing in news concerning the public relations industry. With 30 years of experience in the field of public relations and status as one of the most innovative and effective professionals in her industry, Behrman is a highly sought-after interview subject, and is known for her refreshingly honest and straightforward approach, regardless of the setting or subject matter.

The interview, which was recently published and is now available for review at, showcases Behrman's trademark wit, as well as her remarkable expertise regarding the industry in which she has thrived as the founder and president of Behrman Communications. Covering a broad range of topics throughout the interview, Behrman's responses provide a unique look into the inner workings of her PR firm and offer useful information regarding some of the strategies that have been at the core of her professional success for the past three decades.

The Bulldog Reporter interview also offers a glimpse into the practical implications of Behrman's famously tireless approach to public relations, with the longtime PR professional noting that it's been close to a year since she went a single weekend without working. Behrman also discusses some of the most outrageous moments she has experienced during her lengthy career as an innovative force in the PR industry, and provides advice to aspiring PR professionals, regarding the best way to approach a career in public relations.

About Nancy Behrman
Nancy Behrman is the Founder and President of Behrman Communications, a public relations firm known for its innovative approach to brand building and its uniquely effective ability to drive brand growth. Ms. Behrman founded Behrman Communications in 1985, immediately making her mark on the industry through her creative PR efforts and her consistent success in transforming niche brands into multi-million dollar ventures.

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