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Nannie's Herbal Quickfix: Great-Grandmother Releases New Book of Family's Tried-and-Tested Fast Herbal Remedies

Written by Yvonne Glover, ‘Nannie’s Herbal Quickfix’ details twelve natural minerals and herbs and dozens of concoctions that can see Acne disappear in twenty-four hours and Athlete’s Foot in just twelve. Releasing her remedies to the world, Glover is quickly proving that modern medicine isn’t the only cure for life’s ills.


Allegheny County, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- While there are millions of herbal remedies claiming to cure a manner of ailments, few are known to work. However, a powerful new book by an American Great-Grandmother compiles remedies that are guaranteed to do as they say – tried and tested by her own family for generations.

‘Nannie’s Herbal Quickfix’ is as ground-breaking as it is important; proof that most modern medicine is nothing more than a dangerous compound of chemicals.

Book synopsis:

"Hello! I would like to introduce myself. I am Nannie of course this name has been assigned to my Grandchildren from real name, Yvonne Glover.

About 37 years ago I became interested in natural herbal remedies, when my own grandmother gave me heated homemade red wine for cramps, and they went away. I first thought it was just a need so my mind and body accepted it after more remedies worked, and many of those worked so fast that after much goading from friends and family, I decided to write this book of FAST working remedies.

It is my belief that the body responds to natural remedies because of the fact that since the body heals itself, it can recognize something natural better than it can chemicals. The chemicals can harm you, so requires a doctor’s permission via prescription.

My quick fixes will bring fast results such as Acne gone in 24 hours, or Athletes Foot in 12 hours. Perfectly safe and Natural, NO side effects.. Some have asked if this means they should discontinue their doctors medication.

I always tell them NO, and they won't have to because their doctors will, once they see the improvements. I also advise them to be sure to check with their doctor, before starting. Many doctor will say no to this because they have no knowledge of herbs. Others will agree because they have educated themselves with the common sense notion that anything natural is likely to be safe as long as you are not allergic."

As the author explains, traditional medicine often makes ailments worse.

“Our bodies are only designed to recognize natural products. Therefore, chemical-based drugs that have been formulated in laboratories often only add to someone’s problems. My book will help them return treatments to a natural state and not only force the body to recover, but to cure common ailments faster than they ever thought possible,” says Glover.

Continuing, “For example, by following the steps outlined in my book, many allergy flare-ups can be gone in just twenty minutes. Find a shelved drug that can boast that!”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

For example, one reader commented, “I am so very grateful that someone has come out with a simple, easy to use herbal remedies book. I love it, and have told all of my family and friends of the benefits as well.”

‘Nannie’s Herbal Quickfix’, published by Xlibris, is available now: http://amzn.to/1biIkUn.

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The author lives in Allegheny County, PA.