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Nano Sized Oral Glutathione Gains Wide Attention as an Aid to Treatment for Autism


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- Nanoceutical Solutions is one of the rare companies to offer nanofluidization technology based oral nutraceutical and supplement products, and its line of products are becoming popular for being aids to medical disorders including Autism.

Nanofluidization technology is based on the concept of reducing the size of the supplements to less than one micron which will result in better absorption, improved bioavailability, faster on-set of action and most importantly will bypass the gastrointestinal track.

The company’s product Nano Sized Oral Glutathione has been linked to helping treat Autism, as it is a supplement that improves the levels of Glutathione often called as the ‘Miracle Molecule’ or the ‘Master Antioxidant’ as it is used more than any other antioxidant in the body and recharges all other antioxidants in turn protecting one’s vision, boosting the immune system, tuning carbohydrates into energy and prevention of heart diseases by buildup of oxidized fats.

Autism and low levels of Glutathione have often been linked in numerous medical researches and the potential to improve the levels via the Nano Sized Oral Glutathione could be an important step towards the treatment of the neural disorder.

Many research examples such as a large study by James et al which confirmed her original finding of low glutathione in children with autism due to abnormalities in their methionine pathway represent a direct link between Glutathione levels and Autism.

Publications by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) also have many a times in their various researches mentioned the linkage including in the medical publication titled ‘Mercury and Autism: Accelerating Evidence?’ which states “Autistics have 20% lower plasma levels of cysteine and 54% lower levels of glutathione, which, among others, adversely affect their ability to detoxify and excrete metals like mercury”.

This direct link clearly represents that Autism treatment will only be possible by improving the Glutathione levels one way or the other.

As of today there are very few companies that are offering such a unique highly effective supplement such as the Nano Glutathione. Nanoceutical Solutions could be the company offering the best oral glutathione as the company’s products are made under very strict standards meeting all sanitary and sterile manufacturing requirements.

About Nanoceutical Solutions
Nanoceutical Solutions is one of the forefront companies of nanofluidization technology and provides high quality oral nutraceutical and supplement products that are aimed to improve the overall quality of life. The company’s current line of products is Nano Glutathione (GSH), Nano CoQ10, Nano Vitamin D3, Nano B-Complex, Nano Vitamin B-12 and Nano Melatonin. Specific details and pricing of the products are available on company’s official website,

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