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Nanoosh Hosts Hibiscus Iced Tea Giveaway

Mediterranean Fast Casual Eatery Celebrates Summer with Free Hibiscus Iced Tea and Berry Lemonade


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2016 -- New Yorkers can finally beat the summer heat this Thursday as Nanoosh provides some welcome relief with a free organic hibiscus iced tea and hibiscus berry lemonade giveaway at all of their five Manhattan locations. The only catch—wear something pink for an ice-cold glass of thirst-quenching goodness!

Each location will feature a choice of either homemade organic hibiscus iced tea or organic hibiscus berry lemonade—a healthy twist on the sugary, from-concentrate store bought stuff. This refreshing organic take on a timeless beverage enjoyed across the Mediterranean (among other parts of the world) is sure to satisfy both sophisticated iced tea drinkers and curious first-timers just trying to stay cool on the city streets.

Nanoosh prides itself on using organic ingredients straight from the source whenever possible, and every ice-cold glass of hibiscus iced tea and berry lemonade is made with 100% organic ingredients for that signature vibrant pink color, zesty tanginess and refreshing flavor. Simple, timeless, and delicious.

Nanoosh never uses preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or fillers of any kind. Every aspect of Mediterranean culture and cuisine shape what Nanoosh is today—authentic, homemade food (and drinks!) that are as good for us as it is for our world. The hibiscus drinks at Nanoosh are 100% organic, and this commitment to quality is a reflection of the care that goes into every dish on the menu. Their promise to their customers is simply good food and drinks one can feel good about.

Nanoosh is ringing in the outdoor summer season with free organic hibiscus iced tea and organic hibiscus berry lemonade giveaways at all five of their Manhattan locations at: Rockefeller Center, Madison Avenue, the Garment District, and Lincoln Center, and University Place from 3pm - 6pm, Thursday, July 21st, 2016. Visit their website: for complete location information.

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Since 2007, Nanoosh has served Mediterranean food with superior ingredient sourcing and healthier preparations in a warm inviting atmosphere. Inspired by a lifestyle and culinary culture already famed for their longevity and good taste, Nanoosh has made variety, freshness and healthier cooking techniques into a winning Mediterranean fast casual concept perfect for business lunches, healthy meals on-the-go, family dinners, or catering. Nanoosh uses no preservatives, no additives, and no artificial flavors or fillers. Their promise to their customers is simply good food one can feel good about. With multiple locations in New York, and Europe and more on the way, Nanoosh is the best choice for a fast casual breakfast, lunch or dinner that’s both healthy and delicious.

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