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Naperville Karate Teacher Shares Practical Instructions on Keeping the Summer Enjoyable and Productive for Children


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Naperville Karate Teacher, Dion Riccardo has recently published an informative article in which he shared his top advice for parents to keep their children away from boredom and to turn this period of tedium into a time of growth, learning and fun. As a teacher Dion is able to understand the issue from each facet, the child’s point of view as well as the parenting side of things. Dion has worked with kids for more than 25 year and is therefore able to understand the type of environment kids need to thrive, learn and grow. He emphasizes that the summer break is an important opportunity for children to prepare themselves for the coming school year. Dion writes:

“One thing I’ve learned is that kids need a few elements to create an environment where they thrive and grow during the MANY hours of summer. Summer can be a time where your Child actually develops an edge going into the next school year.”

The key to making summer breaks as productive as possible for children, Naperville Karate Teacher Dion suggest to parents that they should strive to provide 5 different elements, this first post available at: discusses the first element of the five. The first element is all about establishing a proper routine for children during Summer Break, Dion advocates the importance of routines, he trusts that structured schedules similar to the ones children are required to follow in their schools provide children something to do with their time when the school is out for the summer. Generally parents and children fall behind on maintaining day to day daily routines, this leaves children with more time on their hands yet less ideas about what to do. Dion adds:

“When your child is used to going to bed and waking the same time during school and all of a sudden they are allowed to dictate their own sleep rituals it causes your child to break a routine that has actually worked for them. Allowing it to deviate too much from the school year routine doesn’t set up your child to stay in the learning state that they already established during the school year.”

To help parents Naperville Karate teacher shares the Top 3 Routines to Establish for your child this summer. The suggested routines include morning rituals, importance of chores, dedicated time for skill development, reading and book reports and evening rituals.

Dion further suggests:

“Give your child one week with no routines immediately upon summer break. It works as a RESET before you start the Summer Routine.”

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