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Summer 2012 Financial Data Reveals Huge Gains in Naples Waterfront Market

Great News For Naples Waterfront Home Owners.


Naples, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- Nearly every aspect of the Naples Waterfront Properties market has experienced a real gain between the 2011 and 2012 summer fiscal quarters. While some of the gains are expected or small but acceptable, the majority of them have been extremely significant. These significant gains mark the turn back to major rewards for investment in valuable Naples waterfront properties. Sales are up, prices are up and inventory is down across the board, particularly on some of Naples’ most valuable properties. Those in the $300,000+ price range have shown major growth and sales potential.

The period of time from market to sale has decreased dramatically in just this past year, bringing it to the lowest period since 2006 for high ticket properties. Waterfront property costing more than $500,000 showed a nearly 40% decrease in the amount of time it would remain on market. An enormous drop shows time on market shifting from an average of 216 days on market to an average of 136 days on these outstanding properties. Even significantly lower priced properties have picked up as Naples saw an overall 2% reduction in the time to sell any property.

In addition to market speed picking up, property values are on the rise. The overall median closing price has leaped almost 10%. This means values showed a spike from $175,000 in June 2011, to $195,000 in June 2012. At the same time the waterfront real estate inventory has been dramatically depleted in the same year. Inventory declined 12% in each price category, the sharpest decline since 2006, and the smallest inventory since 2006.

These figures add up to a very simple conclusion. Naples Waterfront Property is moving back up on the list of valuable and viable real estate to the investment and home buying markets. Properties are still for sale at outstanding values, and if trends continue, will show an excellent return in the short term. With fewer properties available on the market and all figures pointing towards increased value for the first time since the recession; Naples waterfront property is shaping into a fantastic investment.

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