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Narcotics Detection Equipment Market Recent Industry Trends, Analysis and Forecast 2025

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2018 -- Narcotics Detection Equipment Market: Introduction

Increased manufacturing & trafficking of narcotics as well as the growing adeptness of traffickers in carrying narcotics has made it difficult for the authorities to locate them. To overcome this problem and to prevent trafficking and arrest smugglers, the authorities require technology which can locate narcotics positively. The narcotics detection equipment is used for easy, reliable and safe inspection. It plays a significant role in preventing the trade of narcotics. With the help of advanced technologies such as X-ray diffraction, computed tomography and trace detection during the screening process, this equipment provides precise and fully-automatic rapid detection and identification. When any baggage is scanned using the narcotics detection equipment, the equipment begins to show a different colour on screen for different materials such as narcotics, explosives, etc. Hence, using this equipment, it becomes quite easy to detect illegal materials such as narcotics, even if they are well hidden.

Narcotics Detection Equipment Market: Market Dynamics

Substantial growth in the number of cases related to drug abuse as well as increase in consumption and trafficking of narcotics across the globe is aiding the growth of the narcotics detection equipment market. Initiatives taken by various governments to prevent narcotics consumption is also affecting the narcotics detection equipment market positively. Strict laws that illegalize its consumption and increased activity by law enforcement, safety and security administrations has led to the growth of narcotics detection equipment market. Another factor promoting the growth of narcotics detection equipment is increasing awareness amongst people regarding the harmful and lethal effects of narcotics. Increasing awareness amongst people and stringent government regulations have also created immense pressure on corporates to keep narcotics detection equipment to ensure a safe and healthy working environment and prevent any kind of illegal activities in the premises. It is precisely for this reason that many public and professional workplaces have begun to use these narcotics detection equipment which, in turn, has increased their demand. All of the aforementioned reasons are expected to drive growth for narcotics detection equipment market during the forecast period.

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However, there are certain hindrances that have a restraining effect on the global narcotics detection equipment market. For instance, the associated high price tag makes its use limited to high end use markets. That apart, the market is dominated by only a few major players, most of which operate in developed countries. Though local players which operate in this market offer equipment at a lesser price, the quality of components in these products is unpredictable and widely variable. The dominant manufacturers, in contrast, offer equipment that are more reliable. Irrespective of this, the presence of low-cost equipment offered by local players may hamper the development of narcotics detection equipment market.

Among the narcotics detection equipment available in the market, portable and hand held equipment e.g. portable narcotics detection equipment with infrared technology have a major share of the narcotics detection equipment market.

Narcotics Detection Equipment Market: Market Segmentation

Segmentation of narcotics detection equipment market is done on the basis of

Technology used
infrared based
chromatography devices
immunoassay analyzers
fuel cell based
semiconductor based
End users
Federal departments
Law enforcement
Safety and security administrations
Airport authority
Customs & Border security
Coast Guard

HORECA (Hotels/Restaurants/Cafeterias)
Hospitals And medical institutions


Narcotics Detection Equipment Market: Regional Outlook

The narcotics detection equipment can be divided into these regions:

North America
Latin America
The Middle East and Africa (MEA)
East Europe
West Europe
Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)

High narcotics trafficking on American borders and active government initiatives to prevent this has turned North America into a major market for narcotics detection equipment. Other than this, Eastern Europe, eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa are the major markets for narcotics detection equipment. Since a lot of cases related to drug abuse have come up only in recent years, they are getting much attention from people and government all over the world. The growing focus on prevention of consumption of narcotics as well as the other efforts being made to reduce its trade across the globe will provide impetus to the narcotics detection equipment market.

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Narcotics Detection Equipment Market: Associated Players

Some of the major participants associated with the manufacturing of narcotics detection equipment are Scanna (England), Rapiscan Systems, Safran Identity & Security,Flir Systems,Smiths Detection, Autoclear, CSECO, Shanghai Estimage equipment Co. Ltd, Point Security, Security Electronic Equipment Co., Biosensor Applications Sweden AB, Techik Instruments (Shanghai) and Detectachem.