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Nashville Couple Brenda and Jimbeau Proves That Love Survives All Obstacles

Unconditional Love as the Strongest Medicine to Jimbeau Hinson’s Battle with HIV


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- Jimbeau Hinson’s story is a true inspiration to many. Country singer and songwriter Jimbeau Hinson was diagnosed with HIV in 1985 and survived his initial 6-months-to-live prognosis. Ever since then life hasn’t been easy for him but with the loving support of his wife, caring friends and his own self-determination has given him all the strength and courage. On May 9th Jimbeau would be celebrating his 34th wedding anniversary along with his wife Brenda Fielder. Jimbeau partly gives credit to his health and longevity to his writing and self care. “Writing and singing my personal truths out to the world has always been my release valve”, Hinson says.

Hinson’s new album “Strong Medicine” is out now and his award-winning documentary about his life “Beautiful Jim” is making the rounds on the Film Festival circuit. Through his music and documentary, Jimbeau shares his private journey with being HIV-positive since 1985, the truth about his bisexuality, and how he had kept his HIV a secret for many years. . During these years he had written great music for David Lee Murphy, the Oak Ridge Boys, Steve Earle, Brenda Lee, Patti Loveless and many more. He hopes to use his gift and his inspirational “Strong Medicine” story to help others cope up with their diagnosis and to aid in prevention.

Hinson is now happy, healthy and HIV non-detectable. He is currently on a mission to use his platform for helping and educating others on how to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS. “What I am most passionate about is talking to anybody, everybody really, about AIDS. No one is talking about the current infection rate, the cost of the drugs, the lifestyle that must accompany that cost, and the procurement of these drugs in order to survive”, adds Hinson. He is currently working on his autobiography also named “Strong Medicine” which is to be released in the first quarter of 2015 followed by a nationwide speaking tour. Hinson is now currently available for interviews and appearances.

For booking presentations and/or CD signings contact brendafielder@mac.com and to know more about Jimbeau Hinson visit www.jimbeauhinson.com

About Jimbeau Hinson
Jimbeau Hinson is an American Country Music Singer and Songwriter born in 1952 in Mississippi. Hinson is into country music ever since he was a teen in the late 1960s. During the late 1970’s he began a long running music relationship with The Oak Ridge Boys by writing songs for him. Hinson released his first music album Strong Medicine as an artist on Wrinkle Records 2013. Jimbeau is openly bisexual but has been married and is in a monogamous relationship with Brenda, his wife since 34 years.

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