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Nassau Electical Supply Offers Sturdy EPR Wires Fit for a Multitude of Uses


Great Neck, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2016 -- For those in search of high quality EPR wire, the premier manufacturer of electrical supplies announced via their website that theirs are suitable for a variety of uses and weather conditions. According Nassau Electrical Supply®, the ethylene propylene rubber cables are designed to withstand extreme weather temperatures, making them equipped for installation virtually anywhere. Furthermore, they are notably flexible and maneuverable, and their three individually insulated copper conductors make for easy stripping, if need be.

Furthermore, Nassau Electrical Supply's® EPR cables come equipped with the company's patented Hypalon® jackets, which make them resistant to sunlight, high temperatures, fire and water damage, and have a 600 volt ampacity. Their EPR cables are suitable for use in utility substations, industrial buildings, mills, factories, chemical plants, and virtually any other hazardous area.

Nassau Electrical Supply® also has THWN available for sale on their website, along with an informative page that explains to customers what the material is. According to the electrical supplier, THWN stands for thermoplastic heat and water resistant nylon-coated. It is a high-quality type of insulation material for electrical wire and cable. As a single conductor wire, it is the most commonly used type available on the market.

According to Nassau Electrical Supply®, THWN cables are suitable for use in dry areas that reach up to 90 degrees C, or damp areas that reach up to 75 degrees C. Those who are interested in purchasing EPR wires or THWN cables can visit Nassau Electrical Supply's® website, or call 888-207-6438 to speak with a company representative.

About Nassau Electrical Supply
Founded in 1950, Nassau Electrical Supply is a family owned and operated electrical supplier that specializes in wire and cable products. Working with numerous companies across North and South America, they are dedicated to customer service where no job is too big for the technicians to handle. As a subsidiary of Nassau National Cable, they feature an extensive inventory, taking care of all needs and requirements stress-free. Offering fair pricing models, they are available 24/7 to meet the demands of all customers.

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