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Nassau National Cable Distributes Aluminum MC Cables


Great Neck, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2018 -- Nassau National Cable, a leading provider of electrical wiring, distributes aluminum conductor MC cable to be used for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

Aluminum conductor MC cable is a type of electrical cable with an outstanding structure. "MC" is an abbreviation for Metal Clad due to the aluminum interlocked armor that is used as a jacketing material around the conductors. Typically, cables are only jacketed with a PVC material.

Because of their structure, MC cables are often used to replace conduit and wire. In comparison to other aluminum cables, they have multiple benefits that make installation and application simple and affordable.

When customers move from pipe and wire for branch circuits to MC cables, they can cut down their entire installation budget by almost 50% on each task. This is because they come with protective armor attached, eliminating the need to purchase or install an electrical conduit.

In addition to being affordable, aluminum MC cables are fast to install, safe for use, lightweight and flexible. Installation requires no special tools, conduit bending skills or extra costs.

These types of cables can be used in applications such as power lighting, branch circuits and cable tray and circuit feeders. They are generally ideal for vertical and above-ground installations.

Aluminum MC conductor cables' insulation and armor are making them increasingly popular for many types of electrical projects and applications. By purchasing these cables, customers can cut down their time and effort, which helps to increase their productivity.

Those who are looking for sturdy and durable aluminum MC cables can purchase them from Nassau National Cable. This company's team of professionals ensures that every cable is inspected and safe for use before any sales are made.

To learn about Nassau National Cable's selection of aluminum MC cables and other types of wiring, visit or call 1-800-480-9541.

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