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Nassau National Cable Offers Safety Tips for Dealing with Electrical Cables


Great Neck, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2018 -- Nassau National Cable encourages customers to use caution and stay safe while working with electrical cables. During a recent blog post, they provided helpful safety tips for those who work with reeled cables, overhead wires and electrical cables.

Electricity is dangerous, which is why non-professionals are heavily discouraged from trying to repair or replace electrical equipment themselves. Often, local laws require an electrician's license to perform certain tasks and — as an added layer of security — prohibit an electrician from inspecting their own work.

Whether they are a professional or a layman in a perilous situation, those who follow basic safety guidelines will reduce their risk of electric shocks, burns and fires. Additionally, the precautions provided by Nassau National Cable may also help to keep electrical wires in working order for longer.

Nassau National Cable is an internationally-known wire and cable business that has operated for more than 60 years. They work closely with a network of suppliers to provide a comprehensive inventory of quality electrical supplies at below-market prices. Each of these suppliers is vetted to ensure that they share Nassau National Cable's values and are dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience.

With this organization's online website, customers can easily find overhead cable, building wire, marine cable, fiber optic cable, and portable power cable for sale, alongside an expansive selection of other electrical products. Customers also have the opportunity to sell their surplus cable to Nassau National Cable for top-dollar prices.

To learn about Nassau National Cable's high temp cable for sale or find out more about how to safely use their electrical products, interested parties can call 1-800-480-9541.

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Nassau National Cable has been in the wire and cable business for over 60 years. They handle all types of aluminum and copper wire and cable in surplus and standard inventory formats. They sell products and services at below market prices in order to deliver the best to their customers.

Nassau National Cable has formed partnerships with many suppliers around the country, which has allowed them to offer a wider inventory of cable and wire. They offer services and products that help customers complete their installation jobs effectively. To learn more about Nassau National Cable, visit