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Nathan Burkett Brings Beauty and Function to Melbourne Gardens


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- Nathan Burkett is well known for his award winning garden concepts and designs and he’s now demonstrating his expertise through services to clients in the Melbourne area. Through  Nathan Burkett Design , the landscape architect specializes in unique and innovative gardens that are beautiful and functional.

Burkett works with garden and landscape projects of all sizes to beautify the outdoors and to bring outside elements indoors. The award-winning landscape architect has been the force behind some of the most stunning gardens in Australia and is one of the most highly respected landscape professionals in the world.

Designing a garden and creating a landscape is a multi-step process. Burkett focuses on multiple factors ranging from the client’s lifestyle and the physical features of the site to the architecture of surrounding structures. Numerous variables must be considered, from the planting medium to how the garden will appear at maturity. Projects feature a low-fuss approach to accommodate busy lifestyles.

The type of plantings that are selected incorporate form, function and aesthetics to meet the desires of the client. Nathan Burkett Design creates, constructs and provides maintenance services to keep gardens green, attractive and inviting. Burkett provides clients with a comprehensive array of services for on-going maintenance, from finished project through maturity.

The firm maintains a team of experts that specializes in construction, horticulture and landscaping. Burkett also has an extensive network of professionals in fields encompassing pool and tennis court builders, electricians and plumbers. The wide array of expertise available through Nathan Burkett Design allows the firm to create gardens that appear as part of the natural landscape. Burkett’s company can create a poolside oasis or a traffic-stopping floral display.

Burkett designs landscapes that are dramatic, tranquil and invigorating by turn, incorporating features that include swimming pools, fountains and accent lighting where there’s always something new to discover. As one of the most influential design professionals in the world, Burkett ensures that all of his creations are original and sustainable. His luxury designs grace the estates of some of Australia’s most high-profile celebrities and well-known personages.

Fans can follow Burkett on Facebook and Twitter. Visitors to the website can register to receive his email newsletter.

The design, construction and maintenance services offered by Nathan Burkett Design are beautifying landscapes throughout the Melbourne area. Burkett’s finesse and innovative approach creates gardens and landscapes that utilize best design practices and feed the aesthetic soul.

Burkett can be reached by phone at +61 3 9095 8344, by FAX at +61 3 9095 8545 or via email with the convenient form on the website. For more information, visit the website

About Nathan Burkett
Nathan Burkett is the founder and owner of Nathan Burkett Design. He’s a landscape architect specializing in garden and landscape design. With more than 12 years of experience, Burkett has received a comprehensive array of awards for his expertise. His projects consistently win awards and recognition at the most prestigious competitions. Burkett’s accolades include those from the RMIT University Awards, Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers, the AILDM National Landscape Design Awards, and the Abode Outdoor Awards. His work has been featured in print and broadcast media around the globe.

Nathan Burkett
Nathan Burkett Design
Phone: +61 3 9095 8344