National Broadband Plans: Deployment Models and Their Effectiveness in Improving Broadband Penetration


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2016 -- 'National Broadband Plans: Deployment Models and their Effectiveness in Improving Broadband Penetration,' a Research Report by Pyramid Research, provides information on national broadband plans and strategies of several countries across the globe. The report also includes projections of growth trends of broadband penetration and lines over 2014-2019 of different regions. It also has charts depicting correlation between fixed-broadband penetration and GDP per capital of several countries. The report includes forecast of mobile broadband over 2010-2019 for the regions. The reports analyses trends in all the regions separately with the help of 14 case studies. The regions under study in this report are: Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and Africa and Middle East.

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Key Findings
– Increasing number of countries are adopting national broadband plan or a strategy as a tool to improve broadband infrastructure to stimulate economic growth. The number of countries with a specific broadband plan/strategy increased to 140 in 2014 from just 17 in 2005.
– Majority of the countries are experiencing growth of both fixed and mobile broadband services. National broadband plans of developed countries, which already have high broadband penetration, are targeting on boosting the speed of broadband services while focus of emerging countries are on improving coverage of broadband networks to eradicate digital divide.
– Most of the countries, both developed and emerging, have selected fibre-optic and LTE technologies as they support applications and services that require high bandwidth and provide better quality.
– Governments in all the countries are actively participating to ensure development of broadband infrastructure. In some countries, Governments are supporting through providing funds and subsidies to telcos to contribute to the cost of deployment, whereas in some countries, Governments are supporting through modifications in policies and spectrum allocation. Additionally, some countries like Australia and India, which have a created a special entity, NBN Co in Australia and BBNL in India, to deploy and manage the broadband infrastructure.
– Telcos are also investing heavily in deployment of network and technologies that support high speed broadband services to extend coverage and increase bandwidth.
– Proliferation of smartphones and increasing demand of services like video-streaming, music etc. will force operators to invest in the broadband networks to increase bandwidth and quality of services as well as to handle increasing traffic.

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'National Broadband Plans: Deployment Models and their Effectiveness in Improving Broadband Penetration,' a Research Report by Pyramid Research, is an assessment of national broadband plans of several countries across the globe. The report analyses targets, technologies, role of government and private sector as well as funding strategy as included in the broadband plans of countries in all the regions.
The report is organized as follows:
– Introduction: Correlation between broadband penetration and PPP-adjusted GDP per capita, Characteristics of Good Broadband Plan and Regional Investment requirements. It also highlights about the characteristics of a Good National Broadband Plan along with relevant examples of the countries where the National Broadband Plan featured these characteristics.
– Global Review of NBP Frameworks: This sections highlights about the key trends and insights of the National Broadband Plans across various regions wrt to the priorities, implementation timelines, preferred technologies for deployment of broadband network, role of Government and Telcos and the investment/fundings for the implementation of these plans.
– Analysis of National Broadband Plans for Regions: This includes information regarding the National Broadband Plan for key selected countries across all the regions.
– Additionally it also includes Key trends and case examples elaborating the National Broadband plans of select countries.

Reasons To Buy
– The 'National Broadband Plans: Deployment Models and their Effectiveness in Improving Broadband Penetration' report provides a comprehensive examination of National Broadband Plans in all the six regions along with trends and case studies to help companies and operators make informed decisions pertaining to investments in network and technologies, understand Governments' role and optimize return on investment.
– This report provides a five-year forecast of 3G+ subscription and penetration, developed using bottom-up modeling methodologies of Pyramid Research. The forecast would help executives understand growth opportunities for their companies as per emerging trends in broadband segment.
– Information on broadband plans of several countries in each region; analysis of targets, technologies, governments' support, operators' role and funding strategies; case studies of specific countries from each region and key takeaways and recommendations will help broadband operators to develop understanding of markets across the globe and factors driving demand and adoption of broadband services in domestic and international markets.

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