National Home Gardening Club Awarded Bentley's Herb Seeds the Member Tested and Recommended Seal of Approval

Bentley Seeds' Oregano, Basil & Parsley Seeds have officially been tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club. The final results have an amazing 94% approval rating and will be featured in the May/June edition of Gardening How-To magazine.


Cambridge, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Bentley Seeds is pleased to report that Bentley’s Oregano Seeds, Basil Seeds & Parsley Seeds have officially been tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club! Approximately 250 members were sent seeds to test and answer questions about the growing. Members answered questions about durability, quality, germination, plant health and herb production and were given the opportunity to make comments as well.

The final results have an amazing 94% approval rating, have a member rating of 7.9 and will be featured in the May/June edition of Gardening How-To magazine.

These stunning results mean that Bentley Seeds can boast that 9.4 out of 10 Gardeners approve/recommend Bentley’s Basil, Oregano and Parsley seed packets.

Each member was asked to describe their main reason for either recommending or not recommending the herb seeds. With a 94% approval rating the Basil seeds were lauded with “Quick germination and rapid growth” by Kristy Wavra, “Great for cooking” by Andrea Bingham, “Quick to grow and very flavorful” by Fred Jurey, “Love Bentley Basil seeds” by Suzanne Greico and “The basil leaves were large and flavorful. Great for cutting up in a salad or chopping for cooking. I would highly recommend these seeds.” by AnneMarie Caterino.

The Oregano seeds were equally praised with such comments as, “the germination is very fast as well as the growth, the aroma is superb. I was looking for herbs and when I got these I said awesome.” by Silvia Eason, “I love how fast they grow.” By Teresa Smith, “Seeds germinated well, and plants were healthy.” by Amy DeSanto, “Gives good growth and abundant herb production” by John Sells and Sylvia WynnLindeman said “Growth and flavor exceed expectation.  Not a big Oregano fan previously but have fallen in love with its flavor when fresh... “

Finally the Parsley seeds rounded out the testing and received comments such as, “easy, fast growing with wonderful flavors. Planted several pots of each as gifts for family and friends” by Noreen Gallagher, “Grow great in pots in the window sill, and produced fresh useful herbs that were good for cooking.” by Amy Pearl, “Every seed I planted germinated, and even though I planted in late summer I have very healthy growing plants” by Sandra Mooney and Maria Haberer said “The seeds grew into great healthy plants that are providing wonderful flavor that I look forward to enjoying fresh all winter.”

These seeds should be planted in prepared soil after danger of frost has passed or they can be planted indoors in a sunny spot to enjoy over the winter. Fresh herbs make a flavorful addition to winter foods and can be enjoyed year round.

Located in rural Cambridge, NY Bentley Seeds continues a local seed packet tradition started in the late 19th century by seed tycoon Jerome B. Rice, founder of the rice seed company, one of the most successful seed companies of the time. Bentley Seeds, a veteran company in its own right, has been a family run business since 1975.

Bentley Seeds embraces safe seed initiatives and has stood behind their “guaranteed to grow” policy since they opened. Staying true to their roots, the company maintains their headquarters in upstate New York and believes in one on one customer service with experienced professionals who know the industry.

About Bentley Seeds
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