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National Home Improvements Reveals New Warning Signs of a Bad Roof


Kenilworth, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- For more than 20 years, National Home Improvements has seen what Mother Nature can do to the east coast and New Jersey residents. The winters can be quite cruel and cause detrimental problems to the roof of a home, which is why the professionals at National Home Improvements would like to reveal some of the warning signs of a roof that has gone bad.

In this area their roofing contractors of NJ have seen what harsh winters can do to a homeowner’s roof due to numerous factors such as heavy snowfall bearing down weight on the structure, or rain that has frozen over. National Home Improvements knows that not only do these elements cause damage to the roof, but also potential water damage to the ceilings and walls of the home. Some of the major warning signs consist or curling shingles, leaking roofs, algae roofs, and ice damming gutters. For all of the homeowners who love to tackle DIY projects themselves, roofing problems are definitely recommended to be left up to a professional NJ home improvement contractor to prevent any injuries form happening.

By not addressing these issues, it can result in costly repairs. With temperatures dropping below freezing almost every evening in the New Jersey area, it makes it nearly impossible to rid of any ice that is frozen in gutters and downspouts. This can cause roof damage, especially if the gutters are not maintained regularly in order to prevent ice damming from occurring. The NJ siding contractors at National Home Improvements will be able to come out and diagnose any roofing damage that has been accruing this winter season and come up with a solution that will save homeowners money in the long run to prevent costly replacements.

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