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National PT's Business Model Is Lock and Step with Obamacare


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- Undoubtedly Obamacare is here to stay. Many healthcare providers have been jockeying to position themselves in a favorable environment with the advent of the many forces that are percolating to promote quality and continuity of care. Many physician practices are looking at all of the ancillaries in their practices as a way to bring those services in house and capture the reimbursement, as well as being rewarded for a higher level quality of care. Physical therapy is an attractive option for many specialties that regularly send patients to outside facilities and do not control the quality of care.

National PT offers a turnkey service to physician practices that enables them to bring physical therapy in-house with the advantages of higher quality and an added revenue stream to their practice. National PT develops and manages new and existing physician-owned clinics nationwide. They have been doing business for almost a decade by helping physicians capture this important ancillary service and leveraging better continuity of care.

Physicians need to first think about the benefits of physical therapy management and why they should bring it in-house. After they have made this decision, they can either do it themselves or bring in a 3rd party like National PT. The reasons for choosing National PT and not doing it themselves are three fold: 1)Optimize patient care 2)Maximize Revenue and Profit and 3)Eliminate operational responsibility.

About National PT
National PT is the nationwide leader in developing and managing physician-owned PT clinics. They develop new clinics and also take over existing clinics that are under-performing. They are the only company that offers a performance guarantee for their services. For more information please visit