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Nationally Sought-After Real Estates Sales Coach, Fred Wilson, Launches New Website to Seek out a Wider Market


La Quinta, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- . Fred Wilson, author of "The Third Law of Success™" and creator of, "Sales Production Secrets™" launches new website ( and real estate sales coaching platform on October 20, 2014. The site will feature all Fred Wilson Coaching products, as well as from the SPS [Sales Production Secrets] to Self-Government websites.

A Different Kind of Sales Coaching

Fred Wilson’s coaching approach, in no way, shape or form fits any known traditional type of sales-coach labels, as his methods are anchored in the mindset of one who has literally closed one transaction per week for nearly 25 years running.

The current featured product is ProductionAlert: How To Make More Money, Faster and Easier In Real Estate Sales, retailing at just $29.95 per month.

The highlighted product is part of the SPS multimedia series that buyers can listen to, read, and even interact with. It's a daily 10 minute live call session that purchasers can call into so they can hear Fred Wilson himself, talk direct from the trenches of successful sales, seven days a week from 7:30-7:40am on Pacific Time [8:30 Central, 9:30 Mountain, 10:30 Eastern]. Perhaps the best A-Grade coaching product, money can buy for such a low monthly cost.

For those who can't make the call this early, each morning's ProductionAlert session is also recorded live and then rebroadcast at 10:30am nationwide for everyone's listening convenience.

“This product is our current best-seller because of its active, daily-refreshed content. I work hard at providing all of the success-oriented content I present in the morning, and as habits are developed and performed on a daily basis, whatever you learn from my live presentations will become part of your sales practice, and life practice in moving forward. One of most effectual ways to jumpstart your mornings. I will personally help you start your morning right in a production-oriented way, to keep you on track the rest of the day,” says Fred Wilson.

The daily call also tackles important aspects of production, how to develop accountability, motivational messages, evaluate fresh case studies off Fred's desk and own client interactions, and help fine tune every participant's personal practice in sales production. The call will also be broadcast to an exclusive group of real estate professionals, which every dialer will have a chance to be part of every single morning.

About Fred Wilson
Recognized as the AgentCoach™, Fred Wilson is an in-the-trenches top real estate sales producer and a sought-after speaker, mentor, and sales trainer nationally. Both friendly and approachable, yet driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, Fred is the new standard-bearer for success in the real estate industry. A licensed Realtor® practicing in Southern California for nearly 25 years and counting, he has been the local agent of choice for more than a thousand clients averaging over 50 transactions annually. He is the epitome of an agent who practices what he preaches with his successful SPS series, his book, The Third Law of Success, and his websites,, and, all offering custom seminars geared at achieving success in real estate training.

Real estate agents all over the country have learned how to make more money, faster and easier through Coach Fred Wilson's approach of dispensing daily nuggets, fresh for every owner of his products from the Sales Production Success Formula to the new PROAcademy, PROCorps and the best-selling ProductionAlert series. His upcoming product called Success Formula retailing at $17.00 will be available for pre-orders starting November 5th.

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