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Nationwide Construction Loans Publishes New, Free eBook on Loan Industry Secrets

New eBook will inform readers about everything from construction loan basics to little-known secrets that produce more attractive loan terms, Nationwide Construction Loans reports


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2015 -- Nationwide Construction Loans Inc published a new eBook titled "Construction Loan Inside Secrets." Available now for free at the website of the company's California Construction Loans subsidiary, the new eBook details 15 little-known facts about construction loans that will empower borrowers to discover and negotiate more attractive terms. For over three decades, Nationwide Construction Loans has been one of the country's top sources for those seeking loan quotes for residential construction, major remodeling projects, or the purchase of land.

"While there is plenty of information to be found online about residential mortgages," said Rick Gomez, Nationwide Construction Loans representative and author of the new eBook, "Learning the ins and outs of the construction loan has historically been harder. That changes with the release of our new, free eBook that details over a dozen important secrets about loans of this kind. Anyone interested in getting a construction loan will benefit from reading this new eBook, and we are proud to be able to offer it for free."

Having collapsed to a historic low of 2.6% of all lending over the course of the last recession, according to American Banker Magazine, construction lending in the United States has since rebounded vigorously. While few expect this kind of lending to return to the record levels of the previous decade, banks are once again becoming much more amenable to financing construction and remodeling projects for both commercial and residential borrowers.

Coupled with interest rates that remain attractive, that is good news for people in California and elsewhere interested in financing the building of custom homes or taking out remodeling loans for major work on existing ones. For more than thirty years, Nationwide Construction Loans has been a top partner for those seeking loans of these kinds, offering up a range of quotes from the country's top lenders to hopeful borrowers in every state.

With an unblemished A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the San Diego-based company serves an especially large contingent of borrowers through its California Construction Loans subsidiary. That operation is responsible for the publication of the company's new "Construction Loan Inside Secrets" eBook, a resource that is already proving to be valuable to those who read it.

Taking readers step by step through 15 important secrets of the construction loan industry, the new eBook provides useful, practical information that will answer all of the most common questions and contribute to the finding of more attractive loan options. The new eBook is available for free to visitors to

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