Native Instinct Seeks Crowd Funding via Indiegogo for New TV Show

New survival/adventure show appeals to investors to help the first series of Native Instinct come to production.


Malmo, Skane lan -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- Native Instinct has launched a crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo in order to get their brand new survival/adventure show broadcast ready. The show will follow two wilderness instructors, Will Davies from Wales and Filipino Jing Lavilles De Eugurola, as they travel through the various islands of the Philippines dealing with numerous survival situations. The campaign aims to raise £2,000 by November 16, 2013, 11:59pm PT.

The reality TV show will aim to educate its viewers on survival techniques along with Filipino culture in an exciting and fun way. The money raised from the campaign will go towards producing the first 6 episode series of the survival show by helping with travel expenses and allowing growth in the production crew. So far, the first 4 episodes have been confirmed and will show adventures such as “Survive and Escape from a Desert Island” and “Native Fishing in Samar”. For the final two episodes of the series, the team is in the process of discussions with the Baju (Sea Gypsy’s) tribe as well as the mountains jungle tribe: Matigsalug (Lumad). Investors will be able to choose a “perk” for their contribution on the project page on Indiegogo, depending on the size of the donation with the possibility of a free DVD of the first series.

Davies and Eurugola will travel around the tropical islands of the Philippines where they will be plunged into different survival situations. At times, they will spend time with the indigenous people on the islands, who will teach them their ways. In order to give investors a clearer picture of what to expect from the show, the team at Native Instinct have described it as “”Dual Survivors” meets “Ray Mears” but more fun. They believe that the chemistry and bond between good friends Davies and Eugurola will give the show an edge against its popular competitors. Investors will be able get an idea of how the show will unravel from video of the test shoot--which was shot with a crew of just 2-- and can be found on both the campaign and Facebook pages.

Both cast members of the survival show possess considerable individual survival experience and run a Wilderness school together in Cebu, Philippines. Although the two have been good friends for years, they enjoy poking fun at each other both on and off camera. It’s this playful banter that producer Matt Everett believes will set the show apart from other adventure survival shows which are out at the moment. Eurugola is also excited about another aspect of Native Instinct and writes about it in his blog “This made-for-TV show targeting an international audience is the first of its kind in the Philippines since it will utilize a Filipino as the lead cast as well as [the fact that] location shootings are all done here [in the Philippines].”

About Native Instinct
Native Instinct is the vision of producer Matt Everett, Will Davies and Jing Lavilles De Eugurola. Davies and Eugurola are both trained survival and wilderness instructors. Their aim is to teach valuable survival techniques while exploring the culture of the Philippines in one big adventure. For more information and pictures of the project so far, visit