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Natural Anti-Aging Pill, Sunsafe Rx, Reaches 10,000 Likes on Facebook

This press release is to announce to readers that the natural anti-aging pill, Sunsafe Rx, reached 10,000 likes on Facebook.


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2017 -- Sunsafe Rx, is a natural anti-aging sun protection pill, that allows people to spend time in the sun without the use of messy lotions or sprays. This natural supplement is packed with special antioxidants that protect the skin and the eyes from dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Some of the ingredients include omega 3's, fern extract, lycopene, and many others that have been show clinically to protect skin from sunlight. When taken on a daily basis, this natural anti-aging sun protection pill allows the user to enjoy full protection from sun damage.

A representative of SunsafeRx talked about their natural anti-aging protection pill, "Taking Sunsafe Rx promotes optimal skin function in the sun, prevents unnecessary skin aging, and promotes the overall health of your skin and eyes at all times: day or night, outside or inside, with or without sun exposure. Too much sun exposure, such as that accompanied by sunburn, is not only aging and harmful to your skin and eyes, but is also tough on your immune system—increasing your chances of becoming ill. Sunsafe Rx can have a protective effect; it can also be used in combination with a non-toxic sunscreen lotion for further protection. Visit our Facebook page or for more information."

About Sunsafe Rx
Sunsafe Rx is a "sunscreen in a pill" and is a natural, anti-aging nutritional supplement made with antioxidants clinically shown to protect your skin from sun damage. Sunsafe Rx is taken orally and provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Made with specific antioxidants that naturally occur in certain foods and plants, Sunsafe Rx is a healthy nutraceutical designed to prevent skin aging and wrinkles while at the same time supporting the overall health of your skin and eyes. The effectiveness of Sunsafe Rx is due to a precise, proprietary formulation called Antioxidine. Antioxidine contains a powerful mix of antioxidants that decades of research and numerous clinical studies have proven demonstrate a photo-protective effect for the skin but do not inhibit the body's natural production of Vitamin D. Furthermore, the ingredients in Sunsafe Rx have been clinically shown to preserve collagen and elastin, inhibit the formation of wrinkles and sun spots, and reduce sunlight-induced inflammation and immunosuppression.

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