"Natural Crete" - A Technological Innovation for Road Building Seeks Funding Through Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign


Dana Point, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- "Natural Crete" is the Manufacturer of one of the world's finest products for Road Stabilization. “Natural Crete” is a unique, soil-stabilizing product with the potential to significantly reduce the overall cost for road construction by as much as 50%. It is 100% Natural and Environmentally Safe.

“Natural Crete” Roads have the capacity to change lives in so many ways:

1. Help Farmers bring their produce to Market before it rots
2. Help provide easier access from outlying rural areas to Hospitals
3. Help provide Children access to Schools
4. Help small home grown rural industry; get access to local markets and to ports, to ship their products to additional markets worldwide.
5. Help people get access to Medicine, Education & basic necessities.
6. Help provide access to Police, Ambulance, and Fire prevention.
7. Help make Emergency evacuation easier.

With Minimal Maintenance, well-Engineered “Natural Crete” Roads, with the appropriate finished pavements, are known to last 20 + years.

The Indiegogo campaign is intended to raise the funds necessary for the initial roll out and provide proof of concept that this method of paving is the way forward to the future.

This campaign started on May 10 and will close on July 09, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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