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Kaunas, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- There seems to be a distinct shift from using caffeine, taurine and Vitamin B complex based energy drinks towards natural energy drinks, which offer the same energy as a current generation energy drink. It might even beat the taste of the latest energy drinks with the above ingredients. MyDrink Beverages is out to beat the age old adage claiming that natural energy drinks have a similar effect as ones with the above ingredients.

“We will see a lot of new variations of energy ingredients this year, from the increasing number of natural energy drink manufacturers” affirms Adomas Pranevi?ius, CEO and co-founder of MyDrink Beverages. Natural energy drinks like Scheckter’s Organic energy, Super! Natural energy drink, CocoMojo natural energy drink and the like have already gathered much momentum. Replacing caffeine, taurine and the other usual ingredients, MyDrink Beverages assures that natural energy drinks use natural ingredients, from tropical fruits to botanical herbs for an energy boost.

Mr Adomas states that this is just the beginning of a new trend of using natural energy drinks over a large scale, 2013 would witness a significant growth of natural energy drinks industries.  MyDrink Beverages develops, create, and distribute energy drink ingredients, flavours and finished products, following the current generation’s tastes.

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Established 5 years ago, the Lithuania based company focuses on delivering high quality beverages. MyDrink Beverages is a completely innovative beverage development and production management company, all out to go big and hit international shores. The website includes the CEO’s blogs about latest beverage trends and innovations, as well as testimonials from the company’s clients.

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