Natural Hair Regrowth Product Promises Results in 60 Days or Less


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Caribbean Roots Black Castor Oil for Skin, manufactured by Aveya Beauty, is the ideal solution for those in need of 100% natural hair growth remedies. As it is rich in Vitamin E, it transforms hair from a lifeless state to a bouncy, shiny, and healthy one in no time.

About the Oil
Caribbean Roots Black Castor Oil is organic, unrefined, and was processed in the rich agricultural environment of Haiti. As it had been obtained from the seeds of ricinus communis, it contains ricinoleic acid. Thus, it works as an analgesic and boasts of anti-inflammatory effects not found in other anti-hair loss products, even in the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

The Benefits

- Reduces the risk of split ends with Omega 6 fatty acids
- Improves hair circulation
- Strengthens hair follicles
- Moisturizes and increases luster of hair
- Prevents dandruff and promote quality hair growth
- Combats hair-loss-causing infections
- Thickens hair and adds shine
- Boosts overall hair health

- For body aches: soak flannel in castor oil for skin and place in painful area
- For corns: apply 1x or 2x daily and surround with adhesive corn pad
- For deep conditioning: use in place of commercial conditioner and leave on hair for 30-60 minutes
- For hair growth: apply to scalp and rub with fingers for maximum oil penetration

Not counting its versatility, among the many advantages of Caribbean Roots Black Castor Oil is its being easy-to-use. Subjects can simply spare 5 minutes and their hair will be treated. With daily use, it serves as the perfect hair loss solution.

The Guarantee
Aveya Beauty’s Black Castor Oil is proven to be an effective hair treatment despite factors including age, the length of time dry skin and hair loss complications have been problems, as well as the number of pills and shampoos tried. In 60 days or less, there is no risk as the Caribbean Roots product is sure to work.

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