Natural Healing College Announces the Holistic Health Essay Contest Winner


Stockton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- School Management of Natural Healing College Announces that they have already have achieved 3 times more enrollments in the first 2 weeks of Jan'2013 in comparison to the same period in the year 2012

Stockton, California, January 25, 2013 Natural Healing College, an Online Holistic and Nutritional College, pleasantly announced that the numbers of new enrollments have tripled this year, specifically in the first week of the January in comparison to the same period of any of the previous years.

College spoke person also gave some details about the Holistic Natural Healing and Nutritional Diploma programs which are getting lot more new enrollments. Here is the list provided to the press:

The college offers four Board Certified Diploma programs and all the education is offered online at

Here is the list of these four Board Certified Diploma Programs

Holistic Health Practitioners Diploma Program
Nutritional Consultant Diploma Program
Master Herbalist Practitioners Diploma Program

College also announced that they will start offering Payment Plans for all these Natural and Holist Diploma Programs by the first week of next month. The college do offer Pay-As-You-Go Payment Options in additional to making the full payment at the time of enrollment.

College also felt proud announcing and introducing the first winner of the essay contest.

The first winner of 2013 is Lee Anne from Pennsylvania. She is a College graduate, and also an ultrasound technician. Here is a small portion of her article and you can read the full post of the College BLOG. Lee Anne :…In looking back over this first month here at NHC, I am struck by the excellent school that I have chosen to be a part of. I have a degree from Pitt, post-graduate work from Thiel College, and I am an ultrasound tech. I say these things only because I am so impressed with NHC and all that they stand for. I am not a number like I have been at other schools. I know they care here because I have talked with the instructors and the General Manager, and I feel so welcomed. I cannot express to you enough my gratitude to E L and to C L for making me feel special and an important part of the school.

So, to sum up: I love this school! I even got a t-shirt made because I am so proud of where I go. I believe wholeheartedly in holistic medicine. It has healed me more than a few times from illnesses and has just kept me healthy. Stick with it, you will be fine, and communicate, communicate, and communicate. You will do great!!

The story is also featured in the blog hosted by Natural Healing College at

Here is the parent site with all the information about the Holistic and Alternative Health Programs and Courses being offered

Natural Healing College is proud to have students like Lee Anne.

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GCNM, Global College Of natural medicine Closing News and Updates

You may start your holistic career today. If not now..., when? Natural Healing College believes that an education should "NOT" leave a person in financial stress. For this reason the NHC is proud to offer you extremely affordable, well balanced, financially rewarding, and educationally stimulating Holistic Health Programs that are geared towards your long term success!

About Natural Healing College
Natural Healing College is an online distance learning institute that offers quality vocational education in the fields of Holistic Health Science.

At NHC we have modeled our programs to give individual one-on-one attention to every student in a "real-time" dynamic virtual environment in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Students can monitor their academic performance in real-time. By eliminating the need to mail in papers, tests, and quizzes, you no longer have to wait weeks to find out results. Exams and Lessons are instantly graded and essays that you write receive personal online teacher comments twice a week! NHC welcomes you to join our network of proactive learners, who are from a vast range of socio economic backgrounds in a collaborative online environment. All classes are offered online. All the class work is completed online where ever you have a computer and high speed Internet access.

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