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Natural Healing College Announces the Launch of Holistic Home and Family Certificate Program


Stockton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- Natural Healing College, an established leader in Holistic Heath Job Training Education, today announced the debut of the Holistic Home and Family Certificate Program, a short 3 classes program.

According to Natural Healing College Spokesperson Anne Thomas, the Holistic Home and Family Certificate Program will be available to all applicants on May 19, 2014 and will be available Online at

"We are very excited to offer a short 3 classes Holistic Home and Family Certificate Program to holistic health our students," said Thomas. "These 3 classes are designed to practical, easy to understand and implement holistic remedies for both self and family treatment, and a plethora of holistic living techniques to guide you to live in greater wellness.

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Readers can see all Certificate Programs online at Short Certificate Programs"

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Founded in 2010, Natural Healing College has helped many consumers with Job Training Education . The company's mission statement is "Our mission is to advance knowledge and educate to the community about the importance of healthy living to improve the quality of life using Holistic health concepts aimed at balancing body, mind and spirit." Natural Healing College is an online distance learning institute that offers quality vocational education in the field of Holistic Health Science. Online classes are designed to meet your needs and provide flexibility to fit students time schedule, lifestyle and budget. College offers programs in Holistic Health and Alternative Wellness consultations while emphasizing the need to look at the whole person, including analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, and lifestyle.

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