Natural Healing College Has Announced That the Major Cause of Increased Enrollment Is Poor Health of Family Members, the Bad Economy and Job Market Situation


Stockton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Natural Healing College, an Online Holistic and Nutritional College is excited to announce that they are experiencing an increase in applicants this year in comparison to the same period in previous years. As a result, the College plans to hire more staff to handle this wonderful situation.

It is to be noted that Natural Healing College is 100% an online school that is dedicated to educating our students about health to prepare them as Board Certified Health Practitioners and Herbal Practitioners, in addition to Certified Nutritional Consultants (Nutrition Experts).

Some of the college graduates plan to work for other practitioners, however the majority of these college graduates prefer and are able to start their own practice as soon as they graduate (which takes approximately one to two years time frame). In this bad economical time period it is a good option as the minimum educational requirement for the admission is simply a High School Diploma or GED (or equivalent). Proven, that this education is a lot more economical than a four year college. Students are able to turn their passion for nutrition into a career. As the college is 100% online, the students are able to maintain their daily responsibilities and jobs and study when convenient on their own time and are able to graduate in almost no time.

Natural Healing College is a school that is dedicated to educating people about health. The nutrition courses are always up to date with the latest information to teach you exactly what you need to know to eat a healthy diet. You learn what is good for you, what is bad for you, as well as why it is good or bad.

NHC, the web based institution, uses advanced learning online technology so you can study from anywhere, anytime. There's no set schedule for the classes which allows you to study at your own pace, as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

NHC Philosophy: Natural Healing College believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to improve their health which is why they offer the most affordable tuition of any comparable program. Anyone who is serious about improving their diet should take a look at NHC’s program; it will change your life.

A College spokesperson also provided details about the Holistic Natural Healing and Nutritional Diploma programs which have shown an increase in new enrollments.

The Healing College offers four Board Certified Diploma programs which can be found at:

The following are NHC’s four Board Certified Diploma Programs:
Holistic Health Practitioners Diploma Program
Nutritional Consultant Diploma Program
Master Herbalist Practitioners Diploma Program

The College spokesperson was very honored to announce the increase in the number of applicants who are interested in tapping into the trillion dollar health and wellness industry. Here is the parent site with all the information about the Holistic and Alternative Health Programs and Courses being offered:

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One of the best Healing School (alternate to GCNM, Global College Of natural medicine)

Start your holistic career today. Open the door to amazing new opportunities by visiting the College Website today. Surprise yourself and apply, there is no cost or obligation to apply. NHC is proud to offer you extremely affordable, well-balanced, financially rewarding and educationally stimulating Holistic Health Programs that are specifically designed towards your long term success!

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At NHC we have modeled our programs to give individual one-on-one attention to every student in a "real-time" dynamic virtual environment in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Students can monitor their academic performance in real-time. By eliminating the need to mail in papers, tests and quizzes, you no longer have to wait weeks to find out results. Exams and Lessons are instantly graded and essays that you write receive personal online teacher comments twice a week! NHC welcomes you to join our network of proactive learners, who are from a vast range of socio economic backgrounds in a collaborative online environment. All classes are offered online and all the class work is conveniently completed online where ever you have a computer and high speed Internet access.

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