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Natural Health 101 Aims to Provide the Premier Resource Center for Natural Remedies Online

Natural Health 101 has been discovering, investigating, testing and reporting on the best natural remedies as alternatives to pharmaceutical interventions and publishing its findings online.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Controversies surrounding so-called ‘big pharma’ is never far away, and combined with the cost of medical intervention and treatments have made more people cynical about approaching modern medicine for treatment unless they absolutely have to. This has led to an increased interest in natural alternative medicine, usually drawn from traditional medicinal remedies and ingredients. Natural Health 101 is a website that has dedicated itself to testing these remedies and reporting honestly on their effectiveness for ailments and conditions so that individuals can get real, natural help for their illnesses.

The home page allows individuals to search through the resource center by categories like ancient organics, healthy eating, minerals and more so that users can quickly identify what they have come in search of and what results match that search. Equally, they can see a sidebar of the most popular articles which have helped the most users.

The site also addresses fundamental questions that some people may be asking for the first time, including the role of calcium in the body and the actual effects of vitamins, so individuals can understand why certain things are good for them instead of just going along with the convention.

A spokesperson for Natural Health 101 explained, “There are many fads in nutritional approaches to healing and we aim to represent these sensationalized products realistically instead. We have looked at the effectiveness of coconut oil against the many uses sellers claim it is helpful for and determined some are indeed true while others are exaggerated. We had similar findings for green tea, and our latest article is on bee pollen- a new and rising health trend. We have no interest in selling these products, so we just concentrate on whether or not they are effective, meaning people can trust us and our investigations.”

About Natural Health 101
Natural Health 101 was launched to provide information on natural remedies to common ailments to prevent the need for reliance on pharmaceutical practices, and has been rigorously investigating the effects of remedies from traditional and alternative medicine to determine and report their efficacy in treating different problems. The website updates regularly and offers the most comprehensive list currently available. For more information please visit: