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Natural Health Advisory Institute, LLC Announces That High Triglycerides Is a Forgotten Major Heart Risk

With At Least One-Third of U.S. Adults having High Triglyceride Levels and with Evidence of this as an “Important Predictor of Future Heart Disease”, Individuals Need Specific Action Steps to Lower Triglycerides Naturally


DeSoto, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- Natural Health Advisory Institute, a leader in validated natural health education for the public, announces the launch of its latest educational report, How to Lower Triglycerides Naturally - Diet, Supplement and Spice Options.

The alarming statistics show one-third of U.S. adults has high triglycerides defined as a blood level concentration of 150 mg/dL or higher. But consider that many leading cardiologists and researchers are reporting that levels between 100 and 150 (mg/dL) are risky as well. The chilling conclusion is that over half of U.S. adults are likely at higher risk for a heart attack or stroke and for the most part are completely unaware of the risk severity. Michael Miller, M.D., the lead author of this study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reported "Previously, nobody thought triglyceride was a major risk factor at these lower levels… It turned out to be an important predictor of future heart disease." High triglycerides are truly the forgotten – or maybe ignored – major heart risk factor of our generation.

High Triglycerides Go Largely Untreated

The researchers in the 2009 study concluded that although their study revealed such high incidence of elevated triglycerides, until the benefits of treating it with medications are “are incontrovertible, therapeutic lifestyle change remains the preferred treatment.” Without a prescription pad remedy available for this condition, most doctors will simply give the patient the familiar “work on your diet and get some exercise” advice and leave it at that. But many individuals want and need specific options to lower their high triglycerides now and on an ongoing basis.

Specific Natural Therapies Given for Lowering High Triglycerides

Natural Health Advisory Institute (NHAI), a leader in validated natural health education for the public, has responded to this need for identification of the top scientifically backed natural therapies for lowering high triglycerides with the launch of a new free downloadable report. These practical and effective therapies can be found in the free report, How to Lower Triglycerides Naturally - Diet, Supplement and Spice Options. This report details seven different options which are completely natural and can be used by the individual trying to lower their triglyceride levels without medication. Research backs each of these therapies. Click on the link to access the free download.

“It is our pleasure to offer our readers this resource to help them know what therapies work and which ones don’t,” said Tom P. Vick, Executive Editor and CEO of NHAI. Some of these natural approaches have five decades of research backing their effectiveness. Although seven different options are given, not all of them have to be implemented simultaneously to lower triglycerides. That is why we give the reader options. Some people may be unwilling to change their diet or go on a massive exercise program. For those, choosing one or more of the other therapies becomes an important option that you likely will not hear from your doctor.”

Natural Health Advisory Institute continually strives to provide the proactive health consumer with actionable information on natural health remedies which have received clinical research validation or have been recommended by leading integrative medicine physicians.