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Natural Killer Cell Lymphomas Market : SWOT Analysis of Major Market Segments


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2018 -- Natural Killer Cell Lymphomas Market has been proliferating over the past few years due to the expansive applicability of these cells. Natural killer cells are a form of granular lymphocytes that help in averting diseases by developing immunity within the human body. The utility of natural killer cells has given an impetus to their market, and various medical treatments employ these cells to counter contagious mechanisms within the body. The intracellular bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria contained inside the killer cells work against the action of infected cells, thus, reducing the occurrence of disease in the human body. This effectiveness of killer cells in bringing down the instance of diseases is an important standpoint that accentuates their demand. Several pathological experiments utilize killer cells as important agents to counter the microbial pathogens. The field of microbiology has been making prolific strides across various domains, which is expected to strengthen the market for killer cells. One of the most vital applications of these cells is their immuno-actions in oncology that shall be another factor fueling the growth of the market.

The killer cells have the unique ability to discard stressed cells which has transcended as an important reason behind the adoption of natural cell therapies, thus, consolidating the market for these cells. The various market players are expected to engage in rigorous research and development activities in order to expand their product portfolio that would, in turn, expand their consumer base. The demand for these cells is extremely high across Asia and the region is expected to offer immense scope for market players.

Lymphoma is a common blood cancer type which develops when lymphocytes multiply in an uncontrolled manner. There are two types of lymphomas- Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, out of which non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is more common. Natural killer cell (NK) lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. There are three types of NK cell lymphomas namely, extranodal, nasal type and aggressive NK cell lymphoma. Extranodal lymphomas occur in organs other than lymph nodes, hence called as extranodal lymphomas. Nasal type of NK cell lymphomas usually affects nasal areas and paranasal sinuses. Aggressive form of the lymphoma is a very fast growing cancer, because of which prognosis is difficult to study. NK cell lymphomas are also shown to be associated with Epstein Barr Virus (EBV).

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Research and development activities has been impairedbecause of unpredictable prognosis and rare prevalence. Currently Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide), Procytox (cyclophosphamide), Adriamycin(doxorubicin), Oncovin(vincristine), Deltasone (prednisone) are widely used in chemotherapy. While radiation therapy is also practiced for treating the cancer. Various research institutes and corporates are also trying to discover new means to treat the cancer. These include Kirin Holdings Company, Mundipharma International Limited, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Sun Yat-sen University, Seoul National University Hospital, University of Minnesota, Zhengzhou University, and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Study conducted by Zhengzhou University is currently under Phase IV trial which focuses in evaluation of gemcitabine, pegaspargase, cisplatin, and dexamethasone for chemotherapy.

A study published in Journal of Rare Diseases in 2013, have shown that NK cell lymphomas are common in Asia, Latin America and Central America as compared to North America and Europe. As the prevalence is higher in developing economies, cost of the treatment will be a major barrier for market growth. But a strong pipeline and rising incidences of cancer is expected to support the market in the future.

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