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Natural Methods for Arthritis Relief at New Website, ArthritisHelper.org


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- An estimated 50 million people in the United States suffer from arthritis and joint pain that can be so debilitating it severely limits their ability to perform even the simplest daily tasks. There’s no shortage of over the counter and prescription medications for arthritis relief, but most come with a host of negative and sometimes even dangerous side effects. A new website, ArthritisHelper.org aims to offer people alternative, natural remedies for arthritis and join pain.

There is no “cure” for arthritis and most of the medications marketed for arthritis and joint pain only address the symptoms of these conditions. And, to treat persistent pain, they must be taken for prolonged periods of time which increases the incidences of ill side effects and may even reduce their efficacy. Visitors to ArthritisHelper.org will find information on natural cures that offer symptom relief, but also go to the root causes of pain. By steering clear of harsh painkillers and other chemical treatments in favor of natural therapies, people can also avoid the slew of associated side effects.

The site is refreshed regularly as information about new treatments is released. A recent post, “Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain” details little known herbal supplements that have proven to ease arthritis, such as byronia alba, boswellia and ginger tea. The article entitled, “Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods” discusses how to address arthritis pain through nutrition with specific recommendations on fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins that fight inflammation.

Arthritis Helper also includes information on a promising new supplement called Provailen. It contains three all natural, active ingredients that have been shown in studies to relieve joint pain, ease symptoms of arthritis and even strengthen damaged joints. Scientific research shows people taking Provailen’s combination of reishi, a mushroom derivative long used by Chinese; capsaicin often found in topical treatments; and tongkat ali a potent plant extract, experienced noticeable benefits. One Provailen user on the site discusses how it helped him achieve an 80 percent reduction in his symptoms—significantly better results than he got from taking other medications over a 20 year period.

About ArthritisHelper.org
ArthritisHelper.org is a new website that aims to help people suffering from arthritis and joint pain avoid harsh painkillers and prescription medications and find natural remedies. Regularly updated with fresh content, the site contains articles, reviews and user testimonials on a variety of natural cures. For more information, visit: http://arthritishelper.org/