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Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Herpes, a common condition has been traumatizing many people in the recent years.  Caused with a virus that passes from oral or genital contact, it is the single most condition that can distort life on the whole.  The virus hampers the entire functioning of the body leading to cell explosion.  There are many creams or drugs that have so far been used however the result seems to be unfavorable.

Resolve Herpes is a combination of natural minerals that would detoxify the body.  It is a formulation that is designed to address Herpes virus and has proven to provide great results.  This medicine needs to be taken strictly for 50 days and the result can be seen instantly.  The aim of Resolve Herpes is to cleanse the body off the virus and helps to rejuvenate.  The interview capturing Resolve Herpes functioning is available at   which focuses on the way it has been providing relief to Herpes victims.

Resolve Herpes is a combination of minerals available in three bottles which can be easily identified with the difference in color coding.  The colors difference would also aid in easy intake of the mineral supplement.  The 36 days intake of the minerals would help to wash out the virus from the body.  This detoxification would enable the body to reduce the virus cell multiplication.  The final process is of 14 days and it is through concentrated mineral intake.  This treatment requires the patient to be diligent and should adhere to the regular intake of the formulation for 50 days.  Once the virus is washed out, the minerals would act to develop the immune system there by rejuvenating the body. 

Most Herpes patients would have tried various medications and must have been disappointed with the results.  With Resolve Herpes the difference lies in the way it is designed.  It has a set time and the ingredients used are completely natural.  The results can be noticed gradually and so far has proven to be the most effective medicine for Herpes.  This is also a great choice for those who do not want to consume any chemicals or drugs.  The benefit of using this medicine is that it only targets the Herpes simplex virus but it also helps in detoxifying the overall metabolic system.  Harmful toxins and accumulated fungus can all be removed with the help of this medicine.

Orders for Resolve Herpes can be placed at and special discounts are offered for a limited period.  This is sure to be a winner in Herpes medication.

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