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Natural Sleeping Pills, Sleep Remedies Reviewed on New Website, Ways-to-Fall-asleep.com


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Natural sleeping pills and other sleep aid products are popular among those who have a difficult time falling asleep. A new website, http://ways-to-fall-asleep.com, can help. It is a non-biased informational website that shares reviews of natural sleep remedies and methods to fall asleep.

“An estimated 50 to 70 million people in the U.S. have trouble falling or remaining asleep,” said the website’s spokesperson. “These problems can have serious repercussions from headaches to obesity and heart disease.”

In general, children and adolescents need about nine to 10 hours of sleep a day and adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep a day, said the website’s spokesperson.

For those who are not achieving these goals, there are some simple steps they can take, according to the website. For example, people can practice sleep hygiene, which are the sleeping habits used to encourage sleep. These are things such as keeping a good sleep schedule, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, getting lots of exercise and reserving the bedroom for sleep.

If those practices are not working, people can try a natural sleep aids, said the website’s spokesperson.

“Buying sleeping pills over the counter is easy, but for those who have never done it, it can get confusing,” said the website’s spokesperson.

With the vast number of sleeping aids and pills on the market today, the website offers reviews and information on these remedies. It recommends using natural sleep aids over synthetic as some of the synthetic ones can have harmful side effects including drug interactions, building a drug tolerance to the synthetic and addiction.

The website offers its opinion on Ateril, a natural sleeping aid. It finds that customers that have used the drug have remarked on the surprising effectiveness of the sleep aid.

The website also shares what it has found are the advantages of Ateril. They include items such as it has no side effects; it is non-habit forming; it does not react with alcohol; and it does not cause any disorientation or impaired reflexes after eight hours of sleep.

Alternatives to Ateril are these natural sleep remedies. The site recommends using Midnite Sleep, Unisom and Simply Sleep. These are all over-the-counter natural sleep remedies.

About ways-to-fall-asleep.com
The new website, ways-to-fall-asleep.com, is a non-biased informational site that aims to solve sleeping disorders like insomnia by reviewing natural remedies and methods to fall asleep. For more information, please visit http://ways-to-fall-asleep.com