Natural Treatments Aid in Reversal of Glomerulonephritis, a Kidney Condition


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- Many people suffer from kidney conditions and harmful and serious strategies usually seem to be the only option when the condition worsens. When it comes to helping with symptoms and even lead to the reversal of kidney conditions, many might think it is not possible with all-natural alternatives, however with the right sources, it is possible. This is true especially for the kidney condition of glomerulonephritis, a condition where inflammation of the tiny filters in a person’s kidneys causes kidneys not to function properly.

Glomeruli in the kidneys remove excess fluid, electrolytes and waste from a person’s kidneys. When these become inflamed, the glomeruli cannot function properly and glomerulonephritis occurs. Many patients can become frustrated and feel like much hope has been lost, however different lifestyle changes that aid specifically in the restoration of the kidneys can help patients of glomerulonephritis or even aid in reversal of the condition.

Glomerulonephritis can be treated with all natural and effective treatments that can include:

- Red meat contains protein. When ones body breaks down protein, it releases urea into the bloodstream. The kidneys are in charge of filtering urea from the blood and eject it through urine. However, when people have kidney disease, their kidney is unable to properly filter urea from the blood. If one suffers from kidney disease, one should avoid eating red meat because it is known to aggravate kidney disease.

- Baking soda, a common household product can lower the acidity of blood and help reverse glomerulonephritis by neutralizing the acidic nature of the body.

- Apple Cider Vinegar, a separate common household product is well known for removing kidney stones and is a good diuretic that can easily flush the kidneys of sediments and toxic wastes. It also serves as a natural antibacterial substance to help fight unwanted bacteria in the kidneys.

- Consuming Vitamin D will help extend the life of the kidneys, reduce the progression of renal conditions, and improve bone and muscle strength.

- Dandelion is an herb that is usually considered a weed; however, it also serves as a powerful diuretic and a natural treatment for glomerulonephritis.

There are many options for natural treatment for glomerulonephritis. These natural treatments along with many others can be researched at At, internet users will find an expert on natural treatments for glomerulonephritis and other kidney dysfunctions that experienced these problems first hand.

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