Natural Treatments to Reverse Kidney Disease with Diet: New Program Available


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- People seeking alternatives to conventional kidney disease treatments, including a reversal of symptoms and full kidney restoration, have become increasingly attracted to sites that identify natural treatments to reverse kidney disease with diet like

The site announces a very ambitious program for restoring optimal kidney function through diet and supplementation, using therapeutic doses of nutrients along with lifestyle changes. This is seen as a much healthier and safer resolution to disease problems than the prevailing medical approach of dialysis or kidney transplants. Kidney failure and dialysis are both painful and make life miserable. Many people on dialysis have to take anti-depressants because of their poor mood.

The concept of natural kidney restoration and reversing kidney disease with diet is relatively new, but is well documented throughout the world and well known to those following the alternative health field, including trained naturopathic experts and clinical nutritionists promoting the protocol such as Robert Galarowicz, ND. His holistic and alternative practice is the basis for the breakthrough approach reported on the website, which includes an informative free video with no sign up for summarizing the new approach. He offers a new detailed report that breaks down the treatment plan, allowing more people to understand how to save their kidneys affordably and without costly or painful surgery. And this can be done in a matter of a few weeks.

“Follow what I believe is a serious method to restore and reverse kidney function quickly and easily. . . and soon people will feel marked improvement of symptoms” reports Galarowicz. “My program inspires medical practitioners to think beyond dialysis.” Examples of beneficial aspects of the protocol include adding blueberries, and coenzyme Q-10 to one's nutrition plan, while removing red meat and other elements contraindicated for kidney disease. Natural treatments to reverse kidney disease through diet requires an optimal intake of nutrition, herbs, supplements and other lifestyle changes to abate and eventually reverse for kidney functioning.

Galarowicz strongly suggests, in light of the harmless nature of nutritional therapy, that interested subjects at least try the formulation outlined in the report. Among the outcomes that should occur once the protocol is implemented over a sustained period, is a remission in the disease symptoms to the point where the need for kidney dialysis or surgery is deemed to be not needed, even by conventional doctors. The expert feels that natural treatments to reverse kidney disease through diet become much more the norm in the coming years, a development that can be hastened if more become informed about the approaches outlined in the report. Robert adds that “people will also feel more confident since they will have the critical knowledge they need to make better informed health and diet decisions.”

Natural treatments to reverse kidney disease is nothing new but more unknown to the major public and most health professionals. However, it is possible with the right diet and lifestyle.

The natural treatment diet is a revolutionary program that can be availed at An expert who has experienced the disease at various spectrums has developed the program and it has been tested by numerous patients with various stages of kidney disease, with long lasting positive results.

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