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Natural Wood Flooring: Pieces That Are Timeless

Even in the midst of modern minimalism, natural wood flooring have made a comeback with a vengeance with top companies providing a variety of authentic antique reclaimed wood for restoration purposes as well as other natural variants both raw as well as finished for new homes.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2016 -- Since there have been technological advances in the field of wood processing, wooden floorings are in vogue again. The distinctive class and the strong character that wood lends are simply undeniable and the market is agog with suppliers of different grades of hardwood for the purpose of flooring as well as for paneling.

A host of companies have been involved in the business of procuring reclaimed wood that comes from older homes and factories that are being dismantled by closely working in collaboration with construction firms. The rare finds and the ancient origin of such natural wood naturally make them expensive.

The Inherent Beauty Of Natural Collection

Such wood, however, is essential for people looking forward to the restoration of their Natural Wood Floorings with planks that match the existing ones. The inherent beauty that comes from the natural ageing of the natural wood is central to any such collection of a company.

Each piece of the panel that is reclaimed is hand crafted to resawn pieces that individually become pieces of art to be laid on the floor. The boards can come in a range of natural hues in the antique brown or natural brown that is made into planks, parquet flooring or even floorboards. Most of them are left to exude their natural warmth to the surroundings without any added artificial finish.

The Meticulous Selection Process

"The selection of the source of wood is primary to our artistic expression of making the planks, boards and parquets," said the spokesperson of one of the leading companies that is involved in providing such quality flooring materials. Hand picking the slow growing trees on the mountains that have less water in the soil then becomes important.

Such exclusive logs will have more grain density and less water content with more tannin that will give the Natural Wood Floorings made from them the durability that people would naturally desire. For the unique look, the experienced companies make use of their proprietary formula that helps the wood bring out the richness of their hues from within instead of adding a simple coat of paint from outside.

Enduring character of planks

A texture of the natural solid wood flooring is also weathered and tempered to make them resistant to harsh environmental conditions. The wooden floors have more strength and resilience than most flooring. One inch plank of wood has same insulating value as 15 inches of concrete. Installation of natural wood flooring in a house is an amalgamation of warmth and beauty. Apart from being an aesthetic element, the flooring materials have a wide assortment of benefits such as stability, durability, machine finish and easy availability.

The Reclaimed Flooring Company has launched wooden flooring Dinesen style reclaimed engineered Douglas fir extra long planks. These planks have an added feature of alluring appearance with some of the best flawless designs.

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The Reclaimed Flooring Company is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of natural, painted, unfinished and finished, bespoke and reclaimed as well as engineered hardwood. Their rare collection of the antique wood boards from old homes with the seal of authenticity distinguishes them from their counterparts in the industry.

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