Offers Insight to Causes, Symptoms and Solutions to Leaky Gut Syndrome


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- New York, NY –, a website dedicated in sharing extensive information on healthy nutrition, detox diets, natural remedies and juice recipes, has recently published a comprehensive article on leaky gut syndrome, often called as a ‘mystery disease’ as many individuals having the syndrome are unaware of its existence.

Curing leaky gut syndrome is considered vital by many doctors, who inform that the syndrome is dangerous because it can lead to other diseases and hence is the key to recovery for many health conditions and ailments.

However, there is often confusion whether a specific person has leaky gut syndrome or not. According to the latest article on, one way of identifying it is by observing the symptoms related to leaky gut syndrome. Some major leaky gut syndrome symptoms are sudden allergies, depression, bad breath, headaches, sinuses, Eczema, IBS, insomnia and chronic fatigue.

Since leaky gut syndrome can lead to many different health conditions it is often tough to pinpoint it, but since the syndrome is indeed now very common amongst the general public due to unhealthy eating habits and poor quality food products it is very likely that the individuals having the symptoms also have the leaky gut syndrome.

Apart from unhealthy lifestyle and consumption of poor quality foods other causes of leaky gut syndrome include stress and improper diet. The blogger of the site has suggested various ways of naturally curing the leaky gut syndrome and how to henceforth maintain a healthy digestive system.

One major solution to the leaky gut syndrome, mentioned in the article, is following an effective leaky gut syndrome diet. Detox diets and cleansing programs are considered the best way to attain a healthy body by as they flush the whole digestive system and bring down the pH level of the stomach. The site has shared numerous detox diets some that are very popular and others that are more traditional natural remedies that have been in use for long periods of time.

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