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NaturalHealthcareReview.com Takes In-depth Look at African Mango Weight Loss Supplement


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2012 -- The popular Blog known as naturalhealthcarereview.com has recently weighed in on the origins and benefits of the popular weight loss product known as African Mango. The natural healthcare review Website provides detailed reviews, articles and videos regarding topics that greatly affect and contribute to healthy lifestyles.

While 60 million Americans considered overweight run serious health risks, many supplements designed to lower the body’s absorption of calories and raising its metabolicrate have entered the marketplace. One supplement that is gaining widespread recognitionis known as African Mango. As consumer embrace of the supplement grows,it has warranted increased scrutiny from respected healthy lifestyle reviewers. “I began to receive an enormous amount of emails asking for more information on African Mango supplements, so I wanted to give it a closer look through a review so readers would have more information,” said the naturalhealthcarereview.com Website Blogger.

African Mango Extractis derived from the seeds of a very rare type of mango fruit found only in Cameroon Africa. The seeds have been known by locals for hundreds of years to have many health benefits.Scientist have found that African Mango Extract has a heat generating property that burns excess fats with some recent studies showing people can lose up to 13 lbs. in less than a month without exercise and a strict diet program.

After an in-depth look at available African Mango weightloss supplement products, the health review Blog found African Mango Plus to be among the top brands. Its features include the potential for elimination of 6.2 percent of body fat and high fiber content.African Mango Plus is reported to have an ability to remove toxic substances for better nutrient absorption as well as promote increased metabolism and regulation of the absorption of glucose.

According to the natural healthcare review Website Blogger, it is important to remember that although African Mango appears to be a safe and healthy option for losing unwanted weight, it is no miracle cure. A major advantage of African Mango Plus found by the Blogger is its complimentary exercise program.“People are amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself when given the right foods,” said the review Website Blogger. The African Mango Diet in conjunction with the supplement promotes an overall healthy lifestyle rather than positioning it as a miracle cure.”

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