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Naturally Best Announces the Release of Their Latest Product


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- After a successful launch of their first product - Moringa Oleifera, Naturally Best LLC has announced the release of their highly potent Yacon Syrup on to the market.

Naturally Best's Moringa Oleifera product has shown to be a big hit on Amazon, with sales increasing daily as more consumers find out the benefits of buying from a brand built on 25 years' worth of experience within the health food industry.

Yacon Syrup was recently hailed by an expert as the latest weight loss miracle after a study he conducted on his show. The study consisted of 40 women taking one spoonful of Yacon Syrup with every meal for 4 weeks. Of these women, 29 lost weight, 14 lost 5lbs or more, the average weight loss was 2.9lbs and the overall weight loss for the group was an astounding 153 pounds. Of the participants, 27 said they would recommend Yacon Syrup to a friend as a tool for weight loss.

Yacon Syrup is not only a weight loss tool for reducing belly fat - it also helps to regulate blood sugar, reduce constipation and is a natural prebiotic to help aid digestion. It has a very high fiber content, and is high in antioxidants – making it an ideal detox tool during the coming months. As with all Naturally Best products, their Yacon Syrup is produced in a GMP certified facility, is Non GMO and contains no additives or fillers – just pure Yacon Syrup.

Naturally Best are also now manufacturing their third product to be released before February 2014, a 5HTP product which promises to help combat winter depression and elevate the mood of the consumer.

Naturally Best is the leading brand of ethical vitamins in the USA. As with any business, Naturally Best's ethics start at the top with the ownership – often if One dig a bit deeper in to a vitamin company they will find either a snake oil merchant or a giant pharmaceutical company at the top.

Naturally Best is neither of these, it is a family owned and managed business, centered on the needs of their customers and the ethics of their products.

Ethics radiate throughout their sourcing process, with a goal of NO GMO, NO PESTICIDES and NO FILLERS in any of their products. Naturally Best strive to ensure that their products are as clean and natural as possible, so that the consumer can be sure that they will receive the ingredients at their best.

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