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Naturally Derived Fatty Alcohol Market Revenue, Opportunity, Forecast and Value Chain 2016-2026

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2018 -- Fatty alcohols are aliphatic compounds derived from fats and oils naturally originating in plants and animals. Fatty alcohols are derived from fatty acids. They contain an even number of carbon atoms. They are colorless oily liquids or solid waxy substances. Due to their amphipathic nature fatty alcohols, act as non-ionic surfactants and widely used in cleaning products. Fatty alcohols can be used as emulsifiers, emollients and thickeners. Fatty alcohols are widely used into cosmetics, detergents, pharmaceutical, plastics, and other industrial products.

Understanding the adverse effects of petrochemical based fatty alcohols, n aturally derived fatty alcohols market demand is continuously growing globally.

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Naturally Derived Fatty Alcohol Market Segmentation

Naturally derived fatty alcohol market can be segmented on the basis of their sources as animal fats, tropical oils, soft oils, and other sources, on the basis of applications, and regions.

On the basis of sources naturally derived fatty alcohol market is segmented as, fatty alcohols derived from animal fats such as, tallow, lard, and poultry, fatty alcohols derived from tropical oils such as, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, and palm oil, and fatty alcohols derived from soft oils such as, soya oil, sunflower oil, and rape oil and lastly fatty alcohols from other sources such as, honeybee wax, jojoba oil, whale oil etc.

Naturally derived fatty alcohol market further segmented on the basis of its application in different industries such as, cosmetics and personal care, soap and detergents, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, textile and leather processing and others. Amongst all the segments naturally derived fatty alcohol market demand is high in soap and detergent segment, as harmful effects of petroleum based detergents and soap products and health concerns associated with use of synthetic fatty alcohols.

Naturally derived fatty alcohol market is later segmented on the basis of regions as, North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, Middle East and Africa, and Japan. In terms of volume Asia Pacific is the major market for naturally derived fatty alcohols. Asia Pacific market demand is followed by North America and European markets. This regional market demand basically driven by, consumer emphasis on natural products and cost effectiveness of naturally derived fatty alcohols in comparison with petrochemical based fatty alcohols.

Naturally Derived Fatty Alcohol Global Market Trends and drivers:

The global naturally derived fatty acids market demand is primarily driven by increasing demand for naturally derived ingredients based soap and detergents and personal care products. However, increasing health and environmental concerns with regards to use of petrochemical based fatty alcohols is another major market driver for naturally derived fatty alcohols. To decrease carbon footprint, industries are focusing towards development of biodegradable naturally derived products and chemicals through bio-based raw materials.

Volatile prices of petrochemical based products raises concerns for chemical industry and has prompted chemical industry shift towards bio-based ingredients such as naturally derived fatty alcohols. Regulations from government agencies such as REACH related to environmental concerns associated with petrochemical-based products are expected to support the market trend for use of naturally derived fatty alcohols.

Increasing supply of sustainable raw material sources is expected to impact positively in market growth. Also increasing global consumer awareness coupled with increased hygiene product demand is expected to drive personal care industry growth and in turn, growth in naturally derived fatty alcohol market.

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Naturally Derived Fatty Alcohol Market Key Players:

With the growing naturally derived fatty alcohol market, attracting new entries into the market and traditional manufacturers are also shifting towards bio-based products manufacturing. Some of the key players in naturally derived fatty alcohol market includes, BASF, Procter & Gamble, Sasol, Shell Chemicals, Ecogreen oliochemicals, Kao chemicals, Willmar oleo, Musim Mass, Emery Oleo, Oxiteno, Jiahua etc.