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NaturalON Reports Major Traffic and Subscriber Milestones as Visitors Reach Half a Million a Month

NaturalON now gets 500,000 visitors a month and has reached 50,000 email subscribers, making it one of the most popular online sources for living a healthy life naturally.


Miami Lakes, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2016 -- In a world where more and more chemicals and preservatives are being pumped into food, and the same organic processes that create meat and vegetables are being tampered with by scientists, it is easy for individuals' health to be adversely affected without them even realising it. NaturalON understands this, and has created an online resource center to enlighten people to healthier, more natural choices in their everyday nutrition and lifestyle. The site has grown so popular they have now passed two major milestones, with half a million people visiting the site every month while fifty thousand subscribe to their emails.

So far, their most popular post has been about the most carcinogenic foodstuffs, with a list of ten of the most cancer causing foods on the market today. It explains why they are dangerous, what to replace them with, and how to avoid them in future. The editorial currently has 150,000 likes and shares on the NaturalON Facebook Page.

The website has a huge repository of content which is regularly being added to by writers and researchers who listen carefully to their readership, responding to their needs and curiosities with fact-checked editorials while also breaking news they may not yet be aware of. All this has resulted in over 500,000 visitors every month, and now over 50,000 subscribers to their exclusive email content.

A spokesperson for NaturalON explained, "Hitting these milestones has been a huge cause for celebration for our staffers, as it proves that our cause is growing and people are starting to wake up to the realities of the additives, chemicals and dangerous compounds they are being exposed to on a daily basis, and want to eschew that in favor of healthy living on a natural diet. The articles we post daily help people do just that, shining a light on what to avoid and what to include, and make for great shares on social media."

About NaturalON
NaturalON is an online resource center that shares the latest natural health news and discoveries, covering everything from GMO's and fluoride to superfoods and natural cures. In a world increasingly dominated by artificial chemical compounds, users find refuge in a website committed to promoting natural alternatives. The site is updated daily with the latest information and research available.

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