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Wilsonville, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- “A fine art photograph should be visually stunning not only technically, but capable of calling up a deep emotional connection with the viewer”, says Dennis Frates, an award winning photographer in Fine Art and Landscape Photography. Photography is not just capturing beautiful things but creating images that have a long lasting impact on the viewers. Dennis is one such artist who believes that fine art photography is as soothing as a beautiful song or a musical composition. Both have the same kind of relaxing impact on people.

Dennis’s great eye for composition and color, his passion for photography and sheer hard work are the main reasons that have made him what he is today. It has been a 30 year long journey for Dennis that includes 25 years of traveling to become one of the best in fine art photography. He was 14 years old when he bought his first camera for $100 from the money he saved. But unfortunately Dennis was not convinced with his own photographic skills and gave up his passion but only for a shorter period. By the time he went to college his passion raged for nature which made him pursue his Master’s degree in the areas of landscapes and ecology and went on to become a pro in landscape photography.

According to Dennis it is the Fine Art Photography and Landscape Photography that brings emotion to his life and to that of others. And because his images have that emotion quotient, they are so very well appreciated by magazines, art directors and publication audiences all over the world. “He’s a brilliant photographer (ask the folks at National Geographic, who obviously admire his work) and knows how to freeze time & beauty, landscape and emotion within the frame of his lens”, quotes Oregon Statesman Journal book review.

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About Dennis Frates
Dennis Frates is an Oregon based landscape photographer and an award winning fine art photographer. Dennis’s photographs have made the pages of National Geographic, Sierra Club and Audubon. His passion for the natural world motivated him to pursue his studies in the same field. Dennis studied landscapes and ecology and received a Master’s Degree in these areas.

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